Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire

Brand domain Dressmaker The founder of Zadig et Voltaire is named Thierry Gillier. The latter is none other than the grandson of the co-founder of the Lacoste brand. Originally from Troyes, Thierry Gillier greatly appreciates literature, and Voltaire in particular. As a tribute to his work “Zadig or destiny”, Thierry Gillier quite naturally decided to give this name to his new store. If his first boutiques were multi-brand, Thierry and his new partner innovated in 1996, creating a cashmere clothing line under the Zadig brand. Dressmaker

It was not until the following year that the brand became Zadig et Voltaire. It was the meeting with Amélie, his wife, who brought the brand the identity it lacked.

Zadig et Voltaire, an eternally young brand

The Zadig et Voltaire concept it is a chic, affordable, luxurious clothing brand, but with a glamorous side. The brand is building its reputation around noble materials such as silk and cashmere. These will be paired with modern cuts and bright colors like yellow, green and pink. The universe of rock is, moreover, very present in the fashion of Zadig and Voltaire, which often evokes it thanks to a detail, or to the first name of a rocker affixed on a sweater or a T-shirt … The fans adore! Building on this success, Zadig and Voltaire developed a brand for men, then for children, as well as numerous accessories and a line of perfumes.

Zadig and Voltaire perfumes, chronicle of an announced success

Before the Zadig and Voltaire line of perfumes, you should know that Thierry Gillier had already invented a unisex composition called “Patchou’lait”. Two years later, he teamed up with Clarins to revisit his formula … ” Volume 1, purity this is her ” for woman and  Tome1, purity this is him for men, were launched as a duo in 2012. Both have the same framework, namely almond milk. The feminine scent is floral thanks to jasmine, musky and woody… A delicate beauty for a mischievous smile. The masculine scent combines very energizing top notes with spicy fragrances, such as black pepper. The black and white bottles are sober. They are also adorned with an eagle, an emblem dear to the brand.

Today, the Zadig and Voltaire logo can be found on New York taxis and London buses. The brand is known and highly regarded abroad. Created by the grandson of the co-founder of Lacoste, Zadig et Voltaire aims to be a chic brand for young people. Very rock, and yet glamorous at will, Zadig and Voltaire clothes are a huge success. After designing a line for men and children, the brand embarked on the creation of perfumes. Their winning duo consolidates the brand in an already well-established success. A store on 5th avenue in New York, muses of choice … Zadig and Voltaire have never ceased to amaze us.

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