Brand domain Perfumer Yardley is an English perfume and cosmetics house founded in 1770. It was William Hardley, who in 1823 bought the business from Samuel Cleaver which had just gone bankrupt. In 1841, William Yardley formed a partnership with William Statham. Their flagship “English Lavender” eau de toilette, invented in 1873, is made from “Lavandula Angustifolia”, lavender harvested in the south of England. Quickly, the brand became a reflection of English refinement. Perfumer

Unfortunately, all was lost during the terrible fire in London in 1966, which completely devastated the company’s premises. Everything but the secret of lavender products …

Yardley or English sophistication

In fact, love for English lavender stems from the reign of King Charles I. A young man named Yardley gave the king a large sum of money in order to qualify for all soap in the city of London. Thanks to the success of English lavender, Yardley offers perfumes and cosmetics. The company quickly gained international recognition. Yardley will always be loyal to English lavender. In addition, the house maintains old-fashioned know-how and takes the greatest care in all these products, which are appreciated for their exceptional quality. Today, more than 3 centuries later, it is still the lavender that makes the success of the brand.

Yardley fragrances

Like its entire line of beauty products, Yardley house fragrances are invented around Angustifolia lavender, but also other English flowers. “& Nbsp; English Lavender & nbsp;” is the brand’s first scented line. The eau de toilette delicately combines the freshness of lavender with notes of musk and flowers. The Yardley house will then imagine other floral scents such as “English Dahlia”, “& nbsp; English Rose & nbsp;” or “Lily of the valey & nbsp;” … Each time, Yardley honors a flower. Compositions for men are also created. We note “& nbsp; 1770 & nbsp;”, a rich olfactory fragrance, with a blend of spices such as black pepper and woody notes such as patchouli or vetiver. As for “& nbsp; Rodhium & nbsp;”, it offers green notes associated with apple and bergamot as well as some hints of coriander. Among the perfumes for men, we also discover “& nbsp; Citrus wood & nbsp;” or even “& nbsp; Ink & nbsp;”.

The English house Yardley has existed since 1770. However, it is William Hardley who takes over the business in 1823. The success of the Yardley house is quickly formed around the English lavender “& nbsp; Lavandula Angustifolia & nbsp;”. After soaps and body products, Yardley invents lines of perfumes around lavender but also around English flowers… Today, the Yardley house is known and recognized all over the world thanks to its lavender.

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