Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf

Brand domain Dressmaker The history of the Viktor & Rolf begins with a friendship. When they were 20, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, both Dutch, met at the “Art and Design” academy. Graduated in 1992, they joined in Paris and founded their fashion house in 1993. Very quickly, their style was noticed… Dressmaker

They will launch into ready-to-wear in 2000. They will launch a line of perfumes in 2002, after signing a contract with Loréal. Their Milan store, with a very special decoration, opened in 2005… A brand that never ceases to surprise.

Viktor & Rolf, revisited fashion codes

From the start, Viktor & Rolf plays on their resemblance… Same glasses, same hairstyle, same outfit, you’d think they were twins! Their creative understanding is unparalleled and their style is to hijack the classics with refinement and detail. Their creations play with overlays, accumulations, clothes upside down. They are very fond of ruffles, from which they derive the idea from the centuries when queens wore large dresses and strawberries. They also like the folds that are reminiscent of origami and the use of drapery. Viktor & Rolf reinvent all the codes of fashion with a subversive side… A duo that could not be more original.

The fragrances of Viktor & Rolf

Following an agreement signed with Loréal, Viktor & Rolf launched their first perfume for women, in 2005 “Flowerbomb”. The pair wanted a scent similar to their image, explosive! It is therefore a true floral explosion, a call to sensuality. An excellent clone is Flowerbomb perfume As for the bottle, it looks like a grenade ready to unpin. Success was not long in coming, even though Oslo Airport banned the fragrance because of the shape of its bottle. In 2012, Viktor & Rolf launches their only men’s fragrance ” Spicebomb “. Like its female counterpart, ” Spicebomb ” is an olfactory explosion. After starting with lively notes of bergamot and grapefruit, ” Spicebomb” explodes thanks to very spicy and peppery notes such as chilli, pepper, saffron, leather … Other fragrances, other successes, in particular with the collection ” Bonbon “, which reveals a concentrate of gluttony and of pleasure. Its pink glass knot bottle remains once again, in the extravagant and unconventional lineage of the Viktor & Rolf.

Founded in 1993, the Viktor & Rolf is the artistic association of two lovers of couture, art, innovation and above all, non-conformism. Success is quickly there because their style astonishes, challenges. Quirky, crazy, inventive, Viktor & Rolf are reinventing fashion codes together. The ” Dupont and Dupond ” of fashion shake up the traditional codes of haute couture. They want to be the bearers of an artistic approach stemming from history and art. Thanks to their creations, the boundaries between art and couture gradually fade and disappear.

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