Brand domain Dressmaker Versace, luxury in DNA In 1978, a young Italian named Versace Gianni founded a company & nbsp; fashion in Milan that he will simply call “Versace Gianni Donna”. With his sister Donatella and his brother Santo, the young Gianni is inspired by his passion for the theater and the baroque style … The result: garish colors, imposing prints and very provocative cuts. The sulphurous and daring style of Versace quickly gained a lot of followers. Versace quickly diversified by creating accessories, perfume, and even a hotel. Dressmaker

Versace, a tragic destiny

Sulphurous, baroque and daring, this is what the Versace creations sum up. Always inspired by the ancient and baroque heritage, Versace develops an original Italian style. The stylist’s collections were so successful that the brand was propelled to the top in the 80s. In 1990, Versace organized its first couture collection in Paris. The brand regularly relies on innovation, and also surprises by the mixture of materials, in particular by the mixture of leather and silk, metallic mesh and plastic… It is on July 15, 1997 that the fairy tale ends . Versace is murdered outside his home in Miami. It was then his sister, Donatella, who took over the management of the Versace house. It diversifies its activities by imagining in particular a luxury hotel in Australia and a palace in Dubai.

Versace fragrances

After having imposed its decidedly offbeat style, Versace launches into creation of perfumes. The first Versace perfume created in 1992, “& nbsp; Venus & nbsp;” is built on very contrasting olfactory notes. “& Nbsp; Venus & nbsp;” is intended for strong and courageous women. Many perfumes will follow the success of the first. Among them, we note “& nbsp; Bright Cristal & nbsp;” based on fruity notes and “Black Crystal” for the evening version. For men, we discover “& nbsp; Versace for men & nbsp;”, intense and invigorating. Then, collections will come to complete these great successes, such as “& nbsp; Green Jeans, Metal Jeans, Red Jeans & nbsp;” or “& nbsp; V.E & nbsp;”. The latest addition, “& nbsp; Vanitas & nbsp;”, is the fusion between the Italian sun and the exoticism of the Tairé flower. Versace fragrances have kept the extravagant spirit of the brand. The most of the brand are “jewelry bottles” which also underline & nbsp; Versace extravagance.

Gianni Versace founded his first fashion company in Milan in 1978. With the help of his sister Donatella and his brother Santo, Versace innovated and invented a new style. The house loves garish colors and provocative cuts. Over time, Versace becomes a fashion staple. Building on its success, the brand diversified by inventing fashion accessories, perfumes and, later, hotels. Gianni’s life comes to a tragic end as he is assassinated at the age of 50, at the height of his fame. It is his sister who takes over the queens of the Versace house, trying to continue what his brother had done so well.

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