Brand domain Dressmaker Valentino or Italian elegance After taking courses at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture in Paris in 1929, Valentino Garavani returned to Italy. Dressmaker

His first creations appear in the film “& nbsp; La dolce vita & nbsp;” by Frédérico Fellini, which will give a boost to his career… Very popular with stars, Valentino will open his first fashion house in Rome in 1960. Valentino likes to play with fashion and its codes. Her clothes are of rare, delicate elegance and the poppy red color quickly becomes her favorite color … For more than 50 years, the prestige of Valentino clothes has never wavered.

Valentino Garavani, history of an ambitious man

Valentino Garavani presented his first collection at the Plazzo Pitti in Florence, in 1963. Then, in 1967, & nbsp; he imagines a collection “& nbsp; Blanche & nbsp;” dedicated to Jackie Kennedy. When the latter wears one of her outfits for her remarriage with Aristotle Onassis, we can say that the Valentino style then enters the legend of haute couture. The couturier’s style favors the contrasts between black and white as well as elegant and chic cuts. It also highlights the poppy red which quickly becomes the “& nbsp; red Valentino & nbsp;”. Building on its success, Valentino imagines a line of jewelry accessories, as well as a line of cosmetics and perfumes. In 1998, Valentino decided to retire from the management of his fashion house and sold it to the Marzotto group for several million euros. He will present his last haute couture collection in 2007.

Valentino fragrances

Like Valentino, his fragrances are steeped in refinement. The first essence of the brand was a perfume soberly named “Valentino” … Among its great fragrances, we note “Valentino Gold”. Created in 2002, this fruity chypre is a concentrate of glamor and sophistication. “& Nbsp; Valentina & nbsp;” invented in 2011, is an oriental floral inspired by the city of Rome. “Valentina Assoluto & nbsp;” will follow, a version more intense than its elder, and “& nbsp; Valentina Oud Assoluto & nbsp;”, where oud wood, cardamom and orange blossom offer a more oriental touch. to “& nbsp; Valentina & nbsp;”. Other variations will also be created such as “& nbsp; Valentina Poudré and Valentina Pink & nbsp;”. “& Nbsp; Valentino Uomo & nbsp;” is the brand’s first men’s. Both classic and luminous, this fragrance is that of a simple and traditional man. Valentino will imagine in 2016 “& nbsp; Uomo Intense & nbsp;” in order to add an additional oriental aspect to its initial composition.

Valentino Garavani was a young Italian passionate about fashion when he finished his studies in couture in Paris. A first collection in 1963, a first boutique in 1969, brought Valentino the recognition it deserved. The world loves its elegance with clean lines. He favors contrasts, plays with fashion, and creates a poppy red clothing line that will become his favorite color. Valentino then designed an accessory line as well as a perfume department in 1986 … Elegance yes, but Italian elegance.

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