The Different Company

The Different Company

Brand domain Perfumer Its name is it couldn’t be clearer: The Different Company had the ambition to be unlike any other brand. So, focus on his universe of perfumery which is at the same time very contemporary, confidential and daring. Perfumer

The recent creation of The Different Company

Far from brands with a centuries-old history, The Different Company is a fairly recent brand in the world of perfumery. Nevertheless, its know-how remains immense given the well-rounded CV of its founders. In addition, The Different Company was born in 2000, from the hands of two perfumers who are among the most recognized on the planet: Jean-Claude Ellena and Thierry De Baschmakoff. Both had the ambition to create a brand embodying Contemporary Haute Parfumerie, a kind of UFO in today’s olfactory world often guided by the many diktats of marketing. Thus, The Different Company contains exceptional fragrances in bottles resembling real works of art. What’s more, since the creation of The Different Company, the duo of perfumers has been joined by Luc Gabriel, another passionate about this universe. Together, they created a completely independent brand so as to overcome the cost limits imposed by the big luxury houses. They can thus use the most beautiful raw materials offered to perfumers, explore new territories and appropriate new codes.

The luxurious fragrances created by The Different Company

The first four fragrances by The Different Company were created by Jean-Claude Ellena and sounded like a real revolution in the world of perfumery. The latter revolved around osmanthus, peppery rose, iris wood or bergamot. They were available in a choice of 250 ml or 10 ml bottles. They were a huge success and are now available in a 100 ml container as well. Likewise, many travel bottles have emerged within the range, launching an assault on an international market and are now present in 44 countries. From now on, The Different Company collaborates with the greatest perfumers in the world, letting everyone have their imagination free to express themselves without ever being restrained. CĂ©line Ellena, Bertrand Duchaufour, Corinne Cachen, Delphine Jelk, Alexandra Monet, Emilie Copperman or Christine Nagel are all famous names who have worked for this company. The Different Company has thus become a benchmark displayed in the best perfumeries around the world. The Different Company seems to be in a perpetual quest for high standards, respecting the codes of traditional Haute Parfumerie while adding a touch of modernity. Likewise, know that its collection of scents is now enriched with scented candles. The universe of The Different Company continues to develop and only the future will tell us where it will take us …

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