Tartine & Chocolat

Tartine & Chocolat

Brand domain Dressmaker Year creation 1977 Tartine et Chocolat, a chic and Parisian spirit Created in 1977 by Catherine Painvin, the brand “& nbsp; Tartine et Chocolat & nbsp;” above all represents a line of luxury children’s clothing. The brand reflects Parisian chic and all its clothes are of great quality. Dressmaker

The creation of the first collection for children from 2 to 10 years old is causing a small revolution in the world of children’s fashion. Over time, Tartine et Chocolat has diversified and created other items such as soft toys, childcare accessories and children’s perfumes.

La garda, Tartine et Chocolat’s favorite emblem

Catherine Painvin was keen to create quality, but above all comfortable clothes. From the start, she invented exclusive models with the garda, an old stripe, brought up to date. The garda is available on all the brand’s products and the success is dazzling. The first Tartine et Chocolat boutique opened in 1980, rue du Faubourg-St-Honoré in Paris… The tone was set. The brand will quickly reflect Parisian chic. The company was subsequently bought by the Zannier group, but the Tartine and Chocolate lines still have the same elegance and refinement. The garda, available in pale pink or sky blue, the hedgehog soft toys and its perfume for children have made Tartine et Chocolat a major brand in its own right. Represented in 12 countries, Tartine et Chocolat is today a reflection of French refinement.

Tartine et Chocolat fragrances

Launched in 1987, “& nbsp; Ptitsenbon & nbsp;” is a cuddly and light line designed so that babies too have their own scents. The fragrance is fresh, pure and very delicate. It’s a blend of mint, citrus and honeysuckle notes. The Ptitsenbon range is available in alcohol-free scented water from 4 months, and a slightly alcoholic eau de toilette from 4 years old. Given the success of this line, the brand decided to go even further by creating in 1995, “& nbsp; Gransenbon & nbsp;”. A fresh and gourmet water intended particularly for little girls from 6 years old. A nice sunny cocktail made with notes of mango and grapefruit, associated with a pink / jasmine floral bouquet… Something to make girls dream of. For the creation of its two perfume lines, you should know that Tartine et Chocolat is in collaboration with the Givenchy brand.

Founded in 1977, Tartine et Chocolat is a line of chic and comfortable clothes for babies and children. His first store was set up on rue Faubourg-St-Honoré in Paris and success was not long in coming. All the clothes are available with the garda, which over time has become the favorite emblem of Tartine et Chocolat. The brand quickly imagines other products such as soft toys, childcare accessories and perfume. The first line “& nbsp; Ptitsenbon & nbsp;” quickly became number 1. The brand then moved on to a second line of perfume “& nbsp; Gransenbon & nbsp;” … A very Parisian brand but very chic.

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