Sisley, the strength of a family business Sisley started out as a premium cosmetology brand. Founded in 1976, Sisley is managed by Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano. Attracted by innovative formulas as much as by plants, the Ornano invented beauty creams, some of which are still a point of reference, despite their price.

The Sisley company has operations in 85 countries and employs more than 4,000 people. Hubert d’Ornano is currently deceased, but his wife still runs the business with the help of his daughter Christine and son Philippe.

Sisley, the best of plants

For many women, the Sisley brand represents high-end cosmetics. Founder and co-owner of the Orlane company, Hubert d’Ornano took over the Sisley company in 1976. With the help of his wife Isabelle, they decided to create cosmetic products based on phytocosmetology, a technique which consists of using natural plant extracts. Together, they imagine cosmetic products, then high quality perfumes. Sisley has always drawn inspiration from the very heart of plants, which has made them pioneers in phytocosmetology. Sisley is currently listed as a “global” brand in the world of cosmetics. The company offers 3 main lines of products, namely make-up, skincare and perfume.

Sisley’s cult products

Innovative and avant-garde, the couple Ornano leaves room for his imagination and talent from the start. The result was not long in coming, and Sisley’s first cult product remains “& nbsp; the ecological emulsion & nbsp;”. Released in 1980, this product quickly became the No. 1 for Sisley sales worldwide. Fluid texture, light and comfortable, “& nbsp; the ecological emulsion & nbsp;” has a subtle cocktail of very active plants. In 1990, the perfume “& nbsp; evening water & nbsp;” was created by Hubert d´Ornano just for his wife … Subtle accords and a great olfactory richness give “& nbsp; evening water & nbsp;” an undeniable success. In 1999, the company launched “& nbsp; Sisleÿa & nbsp;”, a comprehensive anti-aging treatment. A true concentrate of youth, this product is currently an undisputed and indisputable star. In 2002, the “Phyto-Teint radiance”, a natural foundation, was a phenomenal success. In 2007, the launch of “Hydra Global”, an anti-aging moisturizer, was a new success.

Sisley, named after the impressionist painter whose couple Ornano loved his works, was born in 1972. Taken over by Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano in 1976, the Sisley brand quickly became known thanks to phytocosmetology processes. Nature is at the heart of all Sisley products. While Sisley initially only offered cosmetics, the company has managed to diversify by offering major beauty treatments as well as major fragrances. Death in September 2015, Hubert d´Ornano leaves an empire behind him. His wife, still at the head of the company, is now supported by his daughter Christine and his son Philippe. Success yes, but as a family …

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