Brand domain Dressmaker Year of creation 1925 There are brands that go far beyond from the simple fact of achieving good commercial performance. These last through the ages and gradually become real monuments of our heritage. Thus, the Rochas perfume and couture brand is considered as such. The latter was founded almost a century ago and thus shines the image of our country throughout the entire planet. Dressmaker

The beginnings of Rochas

It was in 1925, when he was only 22 years old, that Marcel Rochas created his first fashion house . He settled her in Paris and quickly became an international figure in couture. What is more, he was quickly nicknamed the “fashion designer of youth”. At the same time, he was also the first to create jewelry and accessories to enhance his textile models. His name made a place for itself with the biggest Hollywood stars such as Marlène Dietrich, Carole Lombard or Mae West. Then, Marcel Rochas decided to explore even further the universe of global beauty. This is how he oriented himself in the field of perfumery, in 1936. There, he successively launched the Audace, Air Jeune and Avenue Matignon perfumes. Initially, these juices were distributed exclusively in Rochas shops. They were then withdrawn from sale during the war before reappearing in 1944. Similarly, it was on this date that Marcel Rochas decided to create a full-fledged company dedicated to his fragrances: Rochas Parfums. He set up this in collaboration with Albert Gosset and then continued his ascent. The same year, Rochas produced the Woman perfume, a true emblem of perfumery still embellished with a crystal bottle signed by Lalique. Rochas then quickly joined forces with perfumer Edmond Routniska who signed the Mousseline, Mousse or Mustache perfumes for her, to name but a few. In 1953, Marcel Rochas decided to close his fashion house to keep only his activity as a perfumer. Unfortunately, he died two years later, worn out by his life of hard work.

The rebirth of Rochas

On the death of Marcel Rochas, it was his wife and his muse Hélène who took over the reins of the company. This brought a new lease of life to the company and made it take on an unprecedented international scale. Many of its juices became true legends like Madame Rochas, Eau de Rochas, Audace or Lumière. In addition, Rochas collaborated with several renowned perfumers such as Guy Robert or Nicolas Mamounas. Likewise, since 2008, perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez has been developing the house’s olfactory creations. Today, Rochas has been acquired by the Interparfums group. French production of Rochas juices is carried out at its site in Poissy, a production unit which employs 400 people and which manages the strategic launch of the group’s various projects.

If we do not Today no longer counts the number of successes of the Rochas house, there is no doubt about its undisputed bestseller. You will have recognized it, it is Eau de Rochas, a juice that we no longer present and which was nevertheless created a long time ago, in 1948!

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