Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

Domain of the brand Dressmaker Roberto Cavalli is an Italian label that was founded by a designer of the same name. Each of her models appears in outfits that are both sexy and deceptively casual, mixing jeans, leather, wild prints and very seductive dresses. Dressmaker

What is more, the latter are also accompanied by a subtle scent created by Roberto Cavalli perfumes. So, focus on this fairly recent brand in the history of contemporary perfumery.

The artistic soul of Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence in 1940, a famous city as being the historical capital of Italian art. Thus, it is undoubtedly this which allowed him to develop from his childhood an unusual aesthetic sense. Very quickly, Roberto Cavalli decided to orient himself towards creative studies and joined the Art Institute of Florence where he chose to specialize in printing on textiles. After graduating, he opened his own printing factory in 1966. What is more, Roberto Cavalli’s main goal was to develop unconventional outfits and offer unconventional looks. Thus, it was not long in differentiating itself with its unique approach to fashion. Likewise, his constant research allowed him to file numerous patents. The first was that of printing on leather in the 1970s. Moreover, this innovative sense allowed Roberto Cavalli to be spotted by Pierre Cardin as well as by the house of Hermès. This is how Roberto Cavalli gradually settled into the big leagues, acquiring a renowned clientele that also included stars such as Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardot. Likewise, Roberto Cavalli was quickly recognized as the favorite creator of rock stars as well as hip-hop. Then, after a slight dip, Roberto Cavalli released a line of distressed stretch jeans that the stars snapped up. Thus, Roberto Cavalli stores quickly emerged all over the world.

The development of the Roberto Cavalli line

In parallel, from 1998, with the aim of further developing his notoriety, Roberto Cavalli understood that he had to match his line with many accessories. Thus, the brand created watches, glasses, underwear, swimsuits and even perfumes. The latter fit perfectly into the continuity of Roberto Cavalli’s creations, both rock and charismatic, endowed with an innate elegance and offering us the vision of a sort of modern-day dandy. Thus, over time, Roberto Cavalli has been able to build a real luxury empire. Today we are a long way from the small textile factory of its beginnings. Roberto Cavalli perfumes and clothing are now distributed in more than 50 countries and the brand is present in the largest cities in the world. In addition, some of them are quite simply monumental, like the new Roberto Cavalli store in Paris, located rue Saint-Honoré. It has no less than seven floors grouped together over 1400 m²! Roberto Cavalli has the art of seeing things big and strong is to see that it succeeds for him.

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