Year of creation 1947 Before being a story of chemistry, perfumery is above all a very creative art. Thus, today, there are many perfumes that plunge us into a world in its own right. Feminine fragrances are most often sewn with poetry and elegance. As such, they wonderfully echo the world of classical dance. It is therefore logical that the House of Repetto has embarked on the creation of perfumes to match its prettiest ballet outfits.

The evolution of the Repetto brand over the decades

It was in 1947 that Rose Repetto, mother of the dancer and choreographer Roland Petit, created for him a pair of ballet flats. She used an innovative technique to do this to create a flexible and lightweight slipper. Very quickly, his know-how became known and Repetto was a resounding success. What is more, not content with seducing the world of classical dance, the brand also embarked on the creation of fashion items. Brigitte Bardot became a fervent ambassador for the Repetto cloakroom. It was even she who asked the brand to adapt its dance shoe for use in everyday life. It was done and Brigitte Bardot transformed, in 1956, the classic Repetto slipper into an iconic city shoe of Parisian style. Likewise, Repetto’s jazz shoes for men also helped to establish the notoriety of this emblematic brand of our capital. The latter were notably adulated by the famous Zizi Jeanmaire and Serge Gainsbourg. Today, Repetto remains the most popular brand in the world in the world of classical dance. She can boast of wearing marvelous star dancers and thus embellishing the greatest ballets on the planet.

Repetto perfumes

The perfume seemed to be the last missing touch. at the work of Repetto. Indeed, although the Parisian house originally only worked in the world of dance, it never stopped expanding its activity. Perfumes, however, appeared much later. The first of them was created in 2013. It has managed to preserve all of Repetto’s heritage as well as its values ​​and its aesthetic sense close to that of classical dance. Moreover, this perfume has chosen as its muse the sublime Dorothée Gilbert, principal dancer at the Paris Opera. This wildly addicting and delicate juice has also been adapted in several versions. It appeared in a more intense concentration in the form of an Eau de Parfum, in 2014, before becoming fresher and more floral, in 2015.

Today, the success of Repetto is such that the brand produces 500,000 pairs of ballerinas annually. The perfume does not of course yet match its footwear market, but this one is already adored by many fans. Its future then remains to be written. Case to be continued …

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