Brand domain Jeweler Year creation 1970 Her name is Zoé Coste and he is Nino Amaddeo. Their story is first and foremost that of a meeting that turned into a love story, then that of a love story that in turn metamorphosed into an incredible success story. Reminiscence is a brand synonymous with happiness, joie de vivre and exoticism, which is expressed as much through jewelry as through perfumes. Here is the incredible path of this loving and passionate couple. Jeweler

Reminiscence and its history full of feelings

Nino Amaddeo was an Italian photographer living in Belgium. Zoé Coste, for her part, was a hairdresser. They met in 1970 in Juan-les-Pins and immediately fell in love. They discussed their dreams and aspirations and together decided to create jewelry and open their own boutique on the Côte d’Azur. This is how they created a first store in Juan-les-Pins in which he sold accessories and perfumes inspired by the couple’s many trips. These were created by Zoé Coste. At that time, the Réminiscence brand was positioned above all in the high-end costume jewelry market. Quickly, she changed her name to the one we know today. The success being at the rendezvous, the brand was not slow to develop, opening stores in Paris. Not everyone seemed to swear by the summer and exotic products of Réminiscence. This is how Réminiscence grew until it now has more than 178 points of sale across Europe. On the other hand, Zoé Coste died in 2007 and gave way to her daughter Lilla Amaddeo. The latter took over the management of the style office and takes care of the creative part of the company. His brother Sébastien, meanwhile, runs a Réminiscence jewelry production company located in Thailand.

Les parfums de Réminiscence

Si Réminiscence initially focused on sales jewelry, perfume is now fully part of its activities. In addition, this represents 55% of the brand’s turnover even though it continues to create an average of 275 jewelry models per year. Reminiscence remains above all a brand born out of passion. Thus, she does not strive to follow trends but above all follows her inspiration. As Nino Amaddeo explains, “we are not the champions of strategy, he says, and we have always let ourselves be guided by our passions”. This is also how one of the brand’s biggest successes was developed: the Rem perfume. This comes from an idea that came to Saint-Barthélemy while the couple was on vacation in this place. They had forgotten their anti UV cream and bought a solar amber directly on the spot whose smell seduced them instantly. On their return, they decided to create a perfume and it is today considered to be a real bestseller. This is how Réminiscence has always been handled, with love, tenderness and spontaneity.

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