Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Brand domain Dressmaker Ralph Lauren is a brand synonymous with elegance, modernity and relaxation. She alone embodies the image we commonly have of the American Dream or the Ivy League style. Today, its universe is also available in the perfume sector and it is for this reason that we return here to the strong moments that have marked its history. Dressmaker

Ralph Lauren’s success story

If Ralph Lauren truly embodies the American dream, it is simply because nothing predestined its founder for such success. Indeed, Ralph Lauren was born in the Bronx, New York, to Jewish immigrant parents from Russia. Besides, for the record, Ralph Lauren lived in the same neighborhood of Calvin Klein. He first studied management at City College, New York, but he didn’t like it in the slightest, and he left the institution two years later without any diploma. He then enlisted in the American army, from 1962 to 1964 and then did various odd jobs on his return. It was there that he integrated different shops as a seller. Initiated thus the world of fashion, Ralph Lauren decided to create a collection of ties, wider than usual because he felt that it was through this accessory that the men of the time could express themselves. . It was then in 1967 that he was noticed by Norman Hilton, a fashion entrepreneur. Ralph Lauren borrowed $ 50,000 from the latter to open a tie store. It was a success and this allowed him to expand his range to shirts and other men’s clothing barely a year later. Ralph Lauren’s designs earned him a City Award and it was that same year that his emblem in the form of a polo rider appeared. Finally, it was in 1972 that the real consecration of Ralph Lauren arrived with the creation of its iconic short-sleeved polo shirts in more than 24 colors.

The diversification of Ralph Lauren

Anxious to diversify even more, Ralph Lauren created his line of perfumes. He established the Parfums Ralph Lauren cosmetic product license in 1978. The latter was created under the leadership of Warner Cosmetics before being acquired by L’Oréal in 1984. Following on from the fashion creations of the house, a very first fragrance named Polo was born in 1978, accompanied by a female counterpart named Lauren. Since that day, the Polo fragrance has been available in all sauces: Crest in 1991, Sport in 1994, Sport Extrême and Sport Woman in 1997, Blue in 2003, Black in 2005 or Explorer in 2007. What is more, d ‘ other emblematic perfumery juices are also signed by this brand, such as Romance, Purple Label or Big Pony.

Ralph Lauren’s success is such that the company now has more than 300 stores in 80 countries. In April 2010, Ralph Lauren was knighted in the Legion of Honor. What’s more, with his fortune estimated at around $ 8 billion, he is one of the 120 richest people in the world.

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