Brand domain Dressmaker Year creation 1913 If France is very famous in terms of sewing and perfumery, it must be recognized that Italy is another major player in this sector. Thus, among the biggest Italian brands currently on the market, Prada is an icon. The brand is characterized by a rather chic and offbeat fashion. Its avant-garde side is not to displease us and this one is noticed even in its perfumes. Dressmaker

Prada, the small company turned multinational

Prada is a family business whose future no one could have suspected. His very first boutique opened in 1913, in Milan, thanks to Mario Prada. It was then a brand specializing in leather products. This one quickly made speak about it thanks to the exceptional quality of this product. From then on, Prada conquered a wealthy clientele and rapidly developed its profits. Moreover, Prada received, in 1919, the patent of official supplier of the Royal House of Italy, real prestige. From then on, Prada continued its momentum and continued to address itself, through its products, to a wealthy and elegant clientele. Nevertheless, Mario Prada finally gave way, in 1978, to his granddaughter, Miuccia Prada. A woman of character and endowed with a very daring temperament, she decided to further develop Prada’s reputation internationally. She brought an incredible breath of novelty to the Prada brand and also developed the business areas of the company. From then on, Miuccia Prada developed innovative techniques in the world of leather goods, for example launching a bag in Pocono, a kind of nylon reworked like silk. In 1979, Prada entered the world of shoes. Women’s ready-to-wear followed in 1988, before being joined in 1993 by men’s ready-to-wear. A sport line was created in 1998. Finally, it was the perfume’s turn to be signed by this brand, in 2000.

Prada perfumes today

Prada perfumes have today become real references in the world of fragrances. These are always very elaborate and synonymous with quality. They assemble carefully selected raw materials and are worked by the best perfumers on the planet. What is more, the stowage is conveyed by prestigious muses like Sasha Pivovarova, Lara Stone or Léa Seydoux. It must be said that with her mischievous gaze and her sensuality, the actress perfectly matches the mischievous allure of the Prada perfume. While the brand’s perfumer activity remains fairly recent compared to the colossal heritage of perfumery, this does not prevent it from being considered as a key player in current perfumes. Each of the Prada house releases is eagerly awaited. Perfect incarnations of Italian elegance associated with a strong Mediterranean temperament, Prada perfumes do indeed have their place in the world of luxury. They thus help to promote the image of Italy throughout the world.

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