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When it comes to English luxury houses and perfumes, we most often think of the iconic Burberry. However, this is not the only brand to carry its characteristics and to show its membership in the United Kingdom. Indeed, Penhaligon’s has proudly carried the colors of its country in its perfumes, since 1870.

Penhaligon’s, a royal perfumer

The history of Penhaligon’s began in 1870 when William Penhaligon left his Native Cornwall to come and settle in London. Indeed, everyone was heading to the capital to get rich. He first opened a barber shop there, partnering up with a certain Jeavons, at 66 Jermyn Street, near Piccadilly. This place resonated with the oriental scents of its Turkish baths and quickly came to give him ideas. & Nbsp; Very inspired by the surrounding smells, William Penhaligon decided to create his first perfume in 1872. It was called Hammam Bouquet and replaced the unpleasant sulfur vapors of classic steam baths. From then on, success was at the rendezvous and William Penhaligon became the official hairdresser and perfumer of the Royal Court. Of course, he was not content only to do Queen Alexandra’s hair, but also counted among his clientele a large part of the English aristocracy. Moreover, this is still the case today. When he died, his son Walter was put in charge of the company. Also endowed with a unique sense of perfumery and having always been immersed in this universe, he continued the momentum of his father. The consecration came in 1902, when the Duke of Marlborough ordered a private fragrance from him. Walter then decided to break with the floral waters required at the time and composed a fresh and lemony juice. Success was immediately there and this juice named Bleinheim Bouquet remains today one of the bestsellers of the brand, undoubtedly the best known of all. In addition, the story goes that it is even Wilson Churchill’s favorite perfume.

Penhaligon’s perfumery today

Now, several perfumers are in charge to elaborate the perfumes of the Penhaligon’s house. Each of them is created from the most luxurious ingredients from around the world. What is more, they are designed so as not to resemble any other perfume and are most often reserved for initiated and wealthy customers. Thus, Penhaligon’s is a clever blend of daring, innovation and traditional know-how. Penhaligon’s latest fragrances, named Blasted Heath for men and Blasted Bloom for women, were signed by talented perfumer Alberto Morillas. They evoke the English countryside and the meeting between the green land and the freshness of the sea. Finally, know that the tradition wants that each of the Penhaligon’s perfumes has a small knot in homage to those which were formerly tied in order to ensure the maintenance of the cap on the vials. Penhaligon’s is thus located halfway between tradition and modernity.

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