Parfumerie Générale

Parfumerie Générale

Brand domain Parfumeur La parfumerie n it is not just a story of creativity. Indeed, it is no coincidence that the nose job turns out to be reserved for a handful of men in the world. It requires in particular a solid knowledge of chemistry associated with an artistic knowledge as well as a very developed sense of smell. Perfumer

This is why all perfumers are also chemists and Pierre Guillaume, founder of Parfumerie Générale, is no exception to tradition.

Who is Pierre Guillaume?

Far from the big perfume brands, Pierre Guillaume is an independent perfumer. This one is originally from Clermont-Ferrand, in the center of France. It was then that he was barely 25 years old, just out of school, that this young chemist developed his very first perfume, called Coze 02. It presented a spicy tobacco accord reminiscent of the content of ‘a cigar humidor box. In fact, he was inspired to create it from the one in his father’s apartments. This perfume was quickly noticed by the critics and instantly popularized it. Coze 02 was then bought all over the world by initiated perfume consumers. Likewise, a laudatory article in the New York Times perfume reviewer and written by Chandler Burr greatly helped to establish Pierre Guillaume’s fame. “How did a young French chemist concoct the coolest new European fragrances?” These were the opening words of this article. This is how the brand of Pierre Guillaume was brilliantly launched, which he chose to soberly name Parfumerie Générale.

The development of the Parfumerie Générale brand

Since 2010, the company Parfumerie Générale has a very efficient production tool, including a composition laboratory, a cellar and raw materials and a packaging line entirely dedicated to the manufacture of perfumes. All of the fragrances from Parfumerie Générale are produced under the leadership of Pierre Guillaume. In addition, since 2015, a second workshop intended to support the growing logistics needs of the company has been developed. Far from marketing diktats, Pierre Guillaume creates his essences in total artistic and financial freedom, in his own workshops. However, its notoriety continues to expand and the juices of the Parfumerie Générale brand are now distributed through a network of more than 250 points of sale. In this case, a first Parisian boutique has just been opened in September 2016. It was decorated under the guidance of architect Hugo Frank. The idea is to celebrate and magnify each of Pierre Guillaume’s perfumes. The set turns out to be very minimalist, inspired by the architecture of a temple or a tomb carved out of a monolith. Thus, this unique place invites us to focus on the essential: the perfume. The latter is located in the first arrondissement of the capital, at 13, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a stone’s throw from the Louvre and the Palais-Royal.

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