Parfum d'Empire

Parfum d’Empire

Brand domain Perfumer Year of creation 2003 The year 2016 sounds like being a real consecration for the Parfum d’Empire brand. Indeed, on Thursday April 14, the famous Fifi Awards of Fragrance Foudation France took place, an event rewarding creation and innovation in the very closed world of perfumery. However, this time it was the Tabac Tabou fragrance that was voted best olfactory creation in the niche perfume category, thus setting itself apart from 340 competitors! It therefore deserved to linger for a moment on the history of this brand and its most beautiful creations … Perfumer

A brand founded by Marc Antoine Corticchiato

Parfum d’Empire is a brand created by Marc Antoine Corticchiato. This renowned designer was born in Morocco and grew up in the middle of sun-drenched citrus groves. Likewise, he often went to Corsica, to a family home. A rider since the age of eight, he initially oriented himself towards an equestrian career. Nevertheless, he was also keen to understand the makeup of plants and studied chemistry. Little by little, he climbed the ranks in this way until he reached a doctorate. He then completed his training with a perfume diploma at the famous Versailles perfume school, ISIPCA. At first, he began his professional activity in a laboratory, analyzing perfume plants and their extraction methods. His job was to dissect natural raw materials. In other words, Marc Antoine Corticchiato is an excellent technician. At the same time, he became interested in aromatherapy and taught courses at ISIPCA. Nevertheless, eager to get closer to the sacred notion of perfume, he decided to found his own business. This is how Parfum d’Empire was created in 2002.

The Parfum d’Empire brand

When Marc Antoine Corticchiato founded Parfum d’Empire, this enabled him to fully express his style. Indeed, he works there in total autonomy and can thus let all his creativity express itself. Parfum d´Empire is a brand that revives the original meaning of perfume, making it somewhat esoteric and sacred, as it was once perceived in ancient cultures. To do this, Marc Antoine Corticchiato uses very noble raw materials and pushed to excess. Thus, its juices are scents of conquest, whether it is a matter of amorous, spiritual or interior conquest. Marc Antoine Corticchiato thus enjoys working alone. He is at the same time director of his house, creator, nose and doctor of chemistry. In other words, he has real artistic autonomy. Her style is therefore very personal and her freedom is indomitable and powerful.

Today, Parfum d´Empire offers a large collection of perfumes. What is more, the brand has also extended its range to the design of scented candles.

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