Muelhens & nbsp ;: The brand that spread the famous Eau de Cologne throughout the world Between the Muelhens family and the Italian creators of the first Eau de Cologne les Farina, a long history of various proceedings was initiated over decades. Eventually unsuccessful in its acquisition, the Muelhens family created their Eau de Cologne, which over the centuries was much more famous than the original: “& nbsp; 4711 Original Eau de Cologne & nbsp;”.

Subsequently, the Muelhens house created around its phenomenal bestseller beautiful and astonishing variations of the famous 4711.

From Eau de Cologne, Farina and Muelhens…

The creator of the very first Eau de Cologne was Giovanni Maria Farina, an Italian perfumer. This perfumed water, created in Cologne in 1708, was a resounding success from the first distribution of bottles, which of course attracted envy and manipulation.

The Muelhens family, in particular Wilhelm Mülhens, tried to buy back the rights in 1803 of the so wonderful Eau de Cologne des rois to a man named Carlo Francesco Farina, thinking he was related to the perfumer. It is not. And this identity theft will only be the beginning of a very long affair of fraud of all kinds which did not end definitively in 1881 with Wilhem Mulhens’s grandson, Ferdinand Mühlens. The courts ruled that the Muelhens family did not have any rights to the Farina family’s Eau de Cologne, which did not make them renounce the manufacture and sale of the so expensive perfume bottle.

In 1881, Ferdinand Muelhens created his own perfume house where he marketed his own Eau de Cologne, created in 1792, under the name of the street number in which he moved “4711 & nbsp;”.

“& nbsp; 4711 & nbsp;” or the miraculous water of Cologne

A bottle recognizable among a thousand, an olfactory recipe that has always been kept in secret for more than two centuries, and an international aura. The Original Eau de Cologne “& nbsp; 4711 & nbsp;” remains one of the greatest successes in perfumery and was created in… 1792 & nbsp ;!

At the origin of this totally distinct and completely historic bottle, a man: Peter Heinrich Molanus. The original bottle of “& nbsp; 4711 Original Eau de Cologne & nbsp;” did not allow it to be stored upright and its transport was difficult, Molanus then offered in 1820 to the Muelhens house a hexagonal and engraved bottle which would allow large-format labels to be affixed to it in order to protect the fragrance from light but also to make more brand advertising. Moreover, the famous green label is as well known today as the bottle of “& nbsp; 4711 Original Eau de Cologne & nbsp;”.

As for the unique fragrance of Eau de Cologne 4711 it remains secret but we can think that vitality and tonicity can be created by citrus and aromatic accords and that the flowery accents would come from orange blossom and lavender.

The great lady of perfumery does not Muelhens will not be the only success, which will use this famous recipe to create fragrant variations of their bestseller. Moreover in 2012 the house Muelhens, now belonging to Mäurer & amp; Wirtz after being sold by the huge Procter & amp; Gamble, created a modernized version of the famous Eau de Cologne under the name “& nbsp; 4711 New Cologne & nbsp;”. Would the Muelhens house still have many centuries of hegemony over Eau de Cologne?

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