When we talk about the Montblanc brand, it is instinctively synonymous with the highest quality of writing. Indeed, its pens have been known around the world for more than 100 years. However, this is not the only activity of the brand and it also stands out in perfumery. Indeed, it also transposes in this field its values ​​of quality and traditional craftsmanship. Here we find in particular its strict requirements in terms of style and materials.

The rise of the Montblanc brand

The Montblanc company was born from the association of three men: the paper maker Claus Johannes Vos, the banker Alfred Nehemias and engineer August Eberstein. Together, they decided to create, in 1906, a fountain pen with an integrated inkwell and with a demand for quality unmatched until then. This required three years of research and development and ended up culminating in 1900 with the launch of a first collection of black fountain pens, topped with a red-headed cap. This earned them the nickname “Little Red Riding Hood”. Then, this first product was followed by another black pen with a white nib. This sounded like being a real revolution in terms of design but also of technique. Indeed, once closed, it did not leak at all. The success of the company was immediate. Nevertheless, Montblanc’s most famous reference did not appear until 1924. As you will have recognized, it is the iconic Meisterstuck, a high-end pen described as a true masterpiece. This greatly contributed to establishing the reputation of the brand and Montblanc was thus represented in more than 60 countries from the end of the 1920s. What is more, a guarantee of exceptional quality, Montblanc did not hesitate, from 1935, to offer guarantees. lifetime for this pen. It was not until 2010 that Montblanc continued its diversification and developed a perfume license.

The Montblanc brand in perfumery

The very first Montblanc perfume to be marketed is called Legend. This first appeared in May 2011 and was aimed at the male population. He was followed in February 2013 by his female counterpart. Likewise, Emblem juices are timeless monuments that bear witness to the heritage of the Maison Montblanc. They are aimed at sophisticated women and men with a strong taste for beautiful things. Indeed, Montblanc perfumes are sewn by experienced perfumers who create multiple aromatic frescoes very nuanced. Montblanc juices are always made of sweetness and emotions. They are at the same time delicate, balanced, resulting from a fresh and sophisticated synthesis. As with the design of its pens, Montblanc strives to make each of its olfactory creations exceptional. To do this, the brand uses the best natural ingredients, whether they are refined flowers, juicy fruits, more full-bodied spices or mysterious woods.

At the same time, since 2013, the Montblanc company was taken over by Jérôme Lambert. This confirmed its desire to diversify and the brand is thus currently developing in the watchmaking sector.

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