Edward Molyneux is considered to be an artist with golden fingers. This one is famous for its daring combination of chic, luxury and sensuality. He distinguished himself as a Dressmaker of the interwar years before becoming one of the most famous names in the world of perfumery. Today, its craftsmanship is such that it remains almost unmatched in each of these two sectors.

Molyneux’s beginnings in sewing

Edward Molyneux was born in 1891 in London and came from an Irish family. He began his life as a young man when the First World War was raging. Thus, he enlisted in the infantry of the British army and lost an eye on the French front. However, that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams. From the end of the war he worked for dressmaker Lucy Duff Gordon as an illustrator. Then, barely a year later, in 1919, he opened his own haute couture house in Paris, at 5 Rue Royale. He then became one of the most brilliant couturiers of his generation and greatly contributed to spreading the image of elegant Paris in the world. In this capacity, he dressed the European royal houses as well as all the British high society. He had the chance to sublimate actresses such as Greta Garbo, Gertrude Lawrence, Marlène Dietrich or Vivien Leigh. Likewise, it was he who was in charge of developing the costumes for the singer Mistinguett in the 1920s for her shows at the Folies Bergère.

Molyneux and her olfactory adventure

It was then in 1927 that Edward Molyneux decided to go into perfumery. Following the same simplicity and the same daring as for developing outfits, he then made history. Some of its juices have become timeless classics. Elegance and refinement are values ​​dear to this brand. Today, the Molyneux Paris brand has become the property of the Parfums Berdoues group. However, this did not take away from its prestige of yesteryear and some of its fragrances, like Captain from 1975 or Quartz from 1978, seem to have been born to make history forever. The heritage of Molyneux perfumes is simply unique. It perpetuates the ancestral know-how of authentic perfumery and conveys unique flavors around the world for almost a century now.

Even if Edwards Molyneux retired from the profession in 1950 to devote himself to fully in his passion for painting, his name really marked the last century. Moreover, Time Magazine describes him as “the Parisian equivalent of the Manhattan Mainbocher (famous iconic haute couture thrush of the United States), a classicism dedicated to a soft appearance and a tailor-made line.” p>

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