Brand domain Perfumer The history of perfume dates back to Antiquity. However, it did not develop until much later in France. As such, Grasse is a Provencal town that was organized around this activity from the Middle Ages. It must be said that the country of Grasse is particularly privileged because of its climate, which helps to grow the most beautiful flowers on the planet. What we now call the “perfume capital of the world” has several major perfume houses. Thus, Molinard is one of them and has been promoting its know-how since 1849. Perfumer

The history of the Molinard house

The Molinard house was founded in 1849 in the south of France, in Provence. This family business is the oldest in the region. Initially, she mainly made Eaux de Fleurs and Eaux de Cologne sold in the brand’s small store in the heart of the city. Nevertheless, wishing to offer a more refined perfumery, the Molinard house created new perfumes in 1960, based on prestigious flowers such as jasmine, rose, mimosa or violet. These were then contained in elegant Baccarat crystal bottles. The consecration then came in 1891, while Queen Victoria was staying in Grasse. She bought Eau de Cologne from Molinard and contributed greatly to establishing the brand’s reputation. As early as 1900, Molinard was thus able to expand into a larger factory, an address that has become emblematic today. This then attracted wealthy foreigners, mostly English and Russians. From then on, the creations followed one another. In 1921, Habanista juice was created, followed by Concréta, two essences still on sale today. Faced with such success, Molinard decided to surround himself with the greatest and called on the glassmaker René Lalique to create splendid bottles for his perfumes. Since that day, Molinard’s creations have given pride of place to our French perfumery. The name of this brand resonates all over the planet as a symbol of luxury, refinement and traditional and ancestral know-how.

The Molinard Museum

The reputation of Molinard is such that a museum in his honor can be visited in Grasse. This address is one of the most famous in the perfume industry. It must be said that there is so much to tell about it! Part of our heritage, Molinard also marked the history of France by enhancing the daily lives of soldiers during the Second World War. Indeed, Molinard had them deliver the “prisoner’s package” to bring them a little comfort. Beyond the historical contribution of this museum, Molinard also offers to introduce its visitors to the world of perfumery by discovering the different stages of perfume manufacturing, from a palette of 5,000 to 6,000 different essences or from the room. of the distiller dating from the end of the 19th century. If you have the chance to pass by there, you will discover there 500 small bottles of perfumes constituting what one calls “the perfume organ”, a maceration cellar as well as a collection of old labels. On the other hand, if you do not have the opportunity to go there, know that you can nevertheless get many of their most famous perfumes and references on our site.

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