Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Brand domain Dressmaker Year creation 1981 Mickael Kors is undoubtedly one of the most most glamorous in the world of the jet set. Acclaimed designer and true fashion star, he has established himself in this very closed universe and has been recognized since the 1980s for his keen sense of marketing and his timeless know-how. Dressmaker

A small company that has become an empire of trends

The history of the company Mickael Kors began in 1981. At the time, Mickael Kors launched his company in his own apartment and designing jeans for Lothar’s, a Manhattan boutique. Very quickly, his designs were noticed by Dawn Mello, the manager of Bergdorf Goodman. He absolutely wanted to know who was hiding behind such know-how. He thus confided to Mickael Kors his admiration and encouraged him to call him back if he ever wanted to create his own line. This is how Mickael Kors decided to take his destiny in hand and began to truly create. To do this, he hired sewing machines and enlisted the help of three seamstresses who worked in his apartment. He thus had the opportunity to organize a first private sale at Bergdorf Goodman. This is how his career was launched. What’s more, Mickael Kors confides that the Internet has really helped to establish its notoriety. Today he is famous for his elegant but practical clothes. What is more, its line is accompanied by many accessories and fragrances. These are just like each of his creations, always sexy, infinitely chic and glamorous.

Mickael Kors’ inimitable sense of style

Whether in fashion like perfumery, Mickael Kors is a very interesting designer. He is not traditional and has a very keen sense of fashion and trends. In fact, he says he is under constant observation. He spends most of his time looking at people in the street, listening to what is being said around him. Thus, he carefully follows the opinions of his fans on social networks and tries to respond as best as possible to the problems of his time. Mickael Kors loves to interact with people and it shows in each of his creations. What is more, he is described as a universal designer who can appeal to the young fashionista of 20 as well as the elegant lady of 50. His brand wants to be accessible and its fragrances are universal and timeless.

What is more, note that Mickael Kors is a character with a big heart. This one is very invested in the fight against famine in the world. It does so at the local level in the United States but also in partnership with the United Nations World Food Program.

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