Brand domain Jeweler Mauboussin is a company recognized for its artisanal and global know-how. In addition, it is a French jeweler that has been promoting the image of French luxury for nearly two centuries. A true institution of our heritage, Mauboussin has also known how to transform its prestigious sets into real olfactory jewels. Jeweler

The rise of the Mauboussin house

The Mauboussin company was founded in 1827 and quickly achieved immense notoriety thanks to its participation in the Universal Exhibition de Paris in the 1930s. This jeweler was then inspired by the Art Deco trend of his time, imposing his sets sewn in multiple colors. Moreover, the brand even offered three exhibitions on this subject, from 1928 to 1931, then only increasing its notoriety. Marlène Dietrich was thus conquered by Mauboussin and became an ambassador for their jewelry, wearing them in particular in her film Woman or Demon. However, the war indirectly impacted Mauboussin and the shortage of gold forced the brand to adopt new working techniques. Nevertheless, success was once again at the rendezvous and this is how Mauboussin decided to assert itself as a prestigious jeweler by settling on Place Vendôme in 1955. Always anxious to be part of trends of its time, the Mauboussin house then adopted a more whimsical and asymmetrical style typical of the 70s. What is more, for many years, Mauboussin ensured its financing thanks to large orders from Prince Jefri who represented 80% of turnover. . However, this collaboration ceased in 1998 and it was then the Swiss financier Dominique Frémont who came to the aid of the brand by acquiring 70% of the company’s shares in 2002, then all in 2005.

The boldness of Mauboussin

The change was then radical for Mauboussin and the brand set out to democratize the wearing of jewelry. This is how it was the first to offer an affordable range, a sort of high jewelry ready-to-wear collection. Of course, this did not fail to make people cringe on Place Vendôme! What is more, the astonishment was even greater, in 2005, when Mauboussin offered a solitaire for the general public. If this hit the headlines, the success was indeed there. Thus, Mauboussin can now foresee a much more serene future in terms of jewelry. In parallel, the brand has also launched, since 2000, in the creation of perfumes. These are the perfect echo of all their other products. They are at the same time noble, refined, intense and a bit whimsical. They are designed like jewelry to enhance the personality and allure of those who wear them.

Today, many Mauboussin boutiques are popping up all over the world, on the main avenues of Paris, from New York or Tokyo. What’s more, Mauboussin is only expanding its business and now also has an assortment of pens and sunglasses.

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