Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Brand domain Dressmaker Marc Jacobs is an American designer known for his chic yet relaxed style. Highly noted for his fashion collections that are both elegant and trendy, he was awarded numerous prizes during his career. What’s more, his talent is not limited to fashion and it would appear that Marc Jacob is equally talented and daring when it comes to perfumery. Dressmaker

The chaotic beginnings of Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs was born in 1963 in New York and comes from a fairly wealthy background. He was raised by his paternal grandmother in her apartment on the Upper West Side. In addition, it was she who introduced Marc Jacobs to sewing and knitting. Attracted by this activity, he joined the city’s High School of Art and Design. What is more, at the same time as his studies, Marc Jacobs held a warehouse position in the Charivari store, an avant-garde emblem of that time. He quickly asserted his desire to become a stylist. On the advice of Perry Ellis, he enrolled in the Parsons School of Design in New York. At the end of the school cycle, four years later, he presented a project revolving around a collection of oversized sweaters decorated with bright pink smileys. A businessman in the room, Robert Duffy, was literally won over by this project. This is how they began their collaboration. On the other hand, it took time to take off, for lack of serious financial partners. The consecration came nevertheless in 1988, when Marc Jacobs was placed in charge of Perry Ellis’ creations while Robert Duffy held a position of president in the same company. There, they develop a grunge collection which was not to the taste of the mark and which earned them a dismissal. Never mind, the message had passed and this is how Marc Jacobs made a name for himself in the fashion world.

The pinnacle of Marc Jacobs’ career

On his 31st birthday in 1994, Marc Jacobs made his comeback with a very daring collection. This was described by WWD magazine as “a bit funk, a bit trashy and a bit chic”. These three characteristics perfectly qualify the style of Marc Jacobs, a trend that never left him. Indeed, Marc Jacobs still fits into this register, being also very attracted by the retro trend of the 70s. He advocates the idea of ​​an elegant and relaxed youth and it seems that his career is today at its peak. . What is more, in the early 2000s, he also joined the Louis-Vuitton company, considerably improving the image of the brand, which was becoming somewhat aging. In terms of perfumery, Marc Jacobs takes care to match his outfits with very daring creations. It works in partnership with Coty Perfumes and offers new juices each year. In addition, its Splash collection, highlighting a raw material or a different olfactory theme each time, is particularly recognized. What is more, Marc Jacobs thinks of each of his bottles like real sculptures. His talent in perfumery has also been rewarded with numerous prizes, including several Fifi Awrds as well as an award at the Grand Prix du Parfum.

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