Le Galion

Le Galion

Brand domain Perfumer An article by L’Officiel de la Mode appeared in 1956 and wrote: “Le Galion Perfumes belong to the same family of passionate fragrances, both ardent and subtle, which create a wake of admiration behind those who know how to wear them. »Focus on the history of this unconventional and highly prestigious brand. Perfumer

The history of Le Galion Perfumes

Le Galion Perfumes made their appearance in 1930 thanks to Prince Murat, descendant of Joachim Murat and brother-in-law of Napoleon I and the King of Naples. He developed a very first collection of essences called Cyprus, Indian Summer, Champs de Mai, Il N’est que à Moi, Fougère and Galion d´Or. Nevertheless, it was not long before he sold his company to the perfumer Paul Vacher, already recognized at that time in the profession. He was trained by Paul Guerlain and then worked at Lanvin for whom he notably created Arpège in 1927, before creating his own house. In 1936, Paul Vacher created Sortilège, a fragrance containing more than 80 natural essences, a true flagship of the house and having met with immediate success. Then followed a few soliflores including Iris and Tuberose. Each of the juices emanating from Parfums Le Galion was thus sewn using the finest raw materials. From then on, Le Galion and Paul Vacher Perfumes became the symbol of the finest Perfumery. This was a nose as esteemed as Ernest Beaux or Jacques Guerlain. As such, it was he who was in charge of developing the iconic Miss Dior. After collaborating with the greatest, Paul Vacher did not leave Parfums Le Galion until 1975, succeeded by his daughter, Dominique De Urresti. However, shortly after, in 1980, Parfums Le Galion & nbsp; were sold to an American group. Due to a lack of good management, they gradually fell into oblivion until they were reborn, 30 years later, in 2014, in an exceptional collection.

The rebirth of Le Galion Perfumes

Nothing predestined Le Galion Perfumes to see the light again, except the love of current consumers for old houses. The new Le Galion collection was thus developed by a trio of perfumers made up of Nicolas Chabot, Thomas Fontaine and Dominique De Urresti. The latter seems to revive the formulas of the time. However, this new collection comes up against new bans on many raw materials that were used at the time of the first release of these juices. Thus, certain perfumes have been slightly modified there by necessity. The new Le Galion juices therefore pay tribute here to nine of the house’s great essences, also bringing together the elegance of Iris from 1937, the greenery of Tuberose from the same year, the fresh notes of Whip from 1953, the scents sensuality of 222, the emotion of Sortilège, or the chypre and aromatic aspect of Eau Noble. Le Galion Perfumes thus offer us a journey through time and a dive into the heart of their history.

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