Year of creation 1964 Lancôme : The rose or the emblem of luxury and French femininity The Lancôme house, originally Lancosme, was born in February 1935 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the heart of Paris. Created by Armand Petitjean already well surrounded by a prosperous team, Lancôme has positioned itself from its beginnings as a house where perfumes will be major assets and beauty or make-up products innovative and totally glamorous classics.

Lancôme has embodied French elegance and femininity for more than 80 years, where the rose, symbol of the brand, signs and adorns all perfumed creations.

Armand Petitjean, the visionary of the Rue Saint-Honoré and creator of Lancôme

Armand Petitjean worked in close collaboration with François Coty who also nicknamed him the “Napoleon of luxury perfumery of the Twentieth century “. At the latter’s death, Petitjean decided in order to counter the great American perfume houses to create his own label. He therefore left Coty to create his company with an already established team made up of the Ornano brothers, the marketing specialists, Georges Delhomme the bottle designer and Pierre Vélon the chemist.

In 1935, opened the Lancosme house whose name evokes a castle in central France. However, the spelling, although very French as Armand Petitjean wants it, will quickly be transformed into Lancôme out of ease and out of a desire to stand out “oh” how elegant! A few months after its opening, the Lancôme house is already at the head of 5 original and opulent perfumed creations presented at the Universal Exhibition of 1935 under the names of Tropiques, Tendres Nuits, Kypre, Bocages and Conquête. Then in 1936, the fabulous and talented team of Lancôme created an innovative and powerful anti-wrinkle, Nutrix, which will make the heyday of the brand.

The great perfumes and the great names of the Lancôme house

The first great success of the Lancôme house in perfumery is of course the famous “Ô” which was born in 1969. Like a refreshing waterfall, “Ô” offers a green and floral citrus juice, both delicate and powerful, a real revolution for a feminine perfume when the freshness was previously masculine …

Then in 1978, the Lancôme house offered a powerful oriental elixir that has become legendary “Black Magic”. A magnificent flowery woody note refreshes with a fruity touch of blackcurrant bud which will be the favorite prerogative of the business woman in the making of the 80s.

A few years later, the choice of Isabella Rosselini, icon of glamor and beauty as the incarnation of the Lancôme house for the pretty “Trésor” in 1990, will mark the incredible success of the Lancôme house in the very private sphere of the great world houses. & nbsp; “Beyond the values ​​of our house, which she beautifully represents and of which she is the essence, Isabella embodies the idea of ​​accomplished beauty synonymous with well-being” declared Lancôme. This pretty poetic and fragrant perfume nicknamed “Queen of roses” will be one of the most emblematic perfumes of the Lancôme house, totally or almost devoted to creating original or innovative accords around its favorite rose and so dear to the creator Arnaud Petitjean.

Then the sparkling and shimmering beauty icons will not cease to promote the beautiful house with outstanding success with beautiful fragrances such as the flowery cocktail “Poème” and its muse Juliette Binoche in 1995, the powdery flower “Miracle” worn by the sublime Uma Thurman in 2000 or even the beautiful oriental, once is not custom, “Hypnosis” exhaled by the pretty Canadian Daria Werbowy & nbsp; in 2005, the same year that the original green floral “Climat” will be released (will in fact be re-emerging).

Proud of its undisputed and undisputed success in perfumery for more than 80 years now, Lancôme signed in 2012 certainly another of his greatest successes with the fabulous “La vie est belle”, a concentrate of flowery and fruity happiness brought to the skies by a renowned muse, Julia Roberts. Present in 160 countries around the world and representing 9% of the world market for perfumery, the venerable Lancôme house of Arnaud Petitjean has certainly not finished talking about it.

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