Brand domain Dressmaker Lacoste is a revolutionary brand that has succeeded as much in the world of fashion as in that of sport. Thus, Lacoste has always been synonymous with sportiness, relaxation and elegance. If the brand is particularly famous for its polo shirt, it has also widened its range and is today recognized for its many fragrances. Dressmaker

Significant events in the history of Lacoste

The Lacoste brand was founded in 1933 by André Gillier and René Lacoste. Indeed, René Lacoste had created a short time before a sporty shirt with short sleeves, in white petit piqué jersey, a light and airy fabric, and with a ribbed mesh collar. Very quickly, this garment was adopted by tennis players but also by fans of the Gulf. So industrial quantities were sold very quickly. However, as early as 1940, the firm’s activities were stopped due to World War II. They resumed in 1948. From then on, Lacoste broadened its range of shirts by adding multiple colors to it. Likewise, it was at this moment that Lacoste outsourced itself to gradually invade the Italian departments as well as those of the United States. Likewise, always very close to the world of tennis, Lacoste developed a steel racket called Wilson T2000, in 1953. Always anxious to extend its activity a little more, it was in 1968 that Lacoste joined forces with the Jean Patou perfume company to market its very first fragrance called Lacoste for men. This juice was then followed by many other perfumes, always very anchored in a sporting and dynamic universe. Thus, Booster made its appearance in 1996, followed by Touch of Pink in 2004, Challenge in 2009 or Live in 2014. Likewise, a whole series of Lacoste L.12 perfumes. 12 very inspired by the emblematic polo shirt of the brand appeared. René Lacoste was nevertheless replaced by his children in the 90s. However, family conflicts pushed René Lacoste’s granddaughter, Sophie Lacoste Dournel, to sell the company to the Swiss group Maus, already a 35% shareholder in Lacoste.

The origins of the crocodile

If everyone today knows the emblematic Lacoste brand crocodile, do you know where it comes from? This green crocodile is said to have come from a bet made by the French tennis captain to René Lacoste at the 1925 Davis Cup. He would have promised him an alligator suitcase if he won an important match. Bad luck, he lost the match! However, this did not prevent a journalist familiar with this challenge from nicknamed René Lacoste “the alligator”. This nickname was retained by the American public who at the same time underlined the tenacity of this player who never let go of his prey on the tennis courts. This is how the crocodile stuck to René Lacoste’s skin to follow him throughout his career. Logically, the latter made him the mascot of his brand.

Today, the Lacoste brand is a true luxury giant. It has more than 1,200 shops around the world, 87 of which are located in France.

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