Kimmi Fragrance

Kimmi Fragrance

Whether you’re a fan of Asian culture or not, you haven’t been able to miss the Kimmidoll trend of the past few years. Indeed, these little Japanese dolls have literally invaded our shelves and appear just as much as a way of relapsing into childhood as a daring way of decorating them. Well, know that the brand did not stop there and that its range has now expanded to reach the department of perfumery.

Kimmidoll, symbolic dolls

Kimmidoll dolls are kinds of small resin figurines 6 to 40 cm high. The latter appeared in France in 2008 and are marketed by the Kontiki company. Easily identifiable, they always have the same distinctive signs. Thus, they are dressed in a kimono, have slanted eyes made up Japanese style and a colored helmet symbolizing a straight haircut. On the other hand, the color and the patterns adorning the Kimmidoll change according to the meaning of the latter. Indeed, the Kimmidoll are not a simple toy but have a symbolic significance. Also, in Japan they appeared in the Edo air in the ninth century. They were sold as a souvenir from the hot spring region in the northeastern part of the country and were offered as love or friendship. In addition, they were known to contain the spiritual essence of the ancients and protect those who possess them. Values ​​and major principles of life are thus associated with each type of doll. Some of them embody grace, others assurance, dignity, purity, kindness, femininity or many other characteristics.

Kimmi expands its range

Nevertheless, & nbsp; Faced with the success of the Kimmidolls, the brand has decided to expand its range of products. The Kimmidoll have become a real marketing concept that comes in many forms. Thus, they are available as key rings, wallets, linens, mugs… Products which are said to have the same virtues as the original small dolls. Well, know that it is also possible to perfume yourself with Kimmidoll sauce. Kimmi perfumes have invaded our perfumeries and it is a “range of playful and irresistible fragrances to choose according to your desires and your character”. Each of them has its own particularity and has an attractive little name. Lily is a floral juice. Mimi is a sparkling fragrance. Niki, meanwhile, is more greedy. What’s more, don’t hesitate to collect Holly, Millie or Ella either. There is something for all tastes, all colors and all personalities. So giving a Kimmi perfume is not just a gift. Their reach can go well beyond and thus serve to convey a message.

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