Brand area Dressmaker Some brands appear have the gift of plunging us into a poetic and colorful universe. Such is the case of the house of Kenzo. Dressmaker

This French company that designs, manufactures and sells high-end products has distinguished itself in the world of ready-to-wear and perfumery, located halfway between the Asian origins of its founder and our Western universe.

Kenzo Takada, an extraordinary founder

It is Kenzo Takada, a Japanese born in 1939 , that we owe the company Kenzo. Very early on, he developed a passion for fashion and he even says that he often stole the magazines of his sisters. Having initially opted for a standard school course at Kobe University, he decided to leave Kobe University against family advice to join a fashion school: Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College. Moreover, he was one of the first men to enter it. After graduating, he moved to Paris in 1964. Although he struggled to acclimatize to this new city, he was determined to make his mark in the fashion world. To do this, he attended many parades, making contacts. He then opened his first boutique in 1970, adorning it with a jungle decor inspired by the works of Douanier Rousseau. However, the brand only took the Kenzo name in 1980. Indeed, it was during this decade that Kenzo creations became flagship products. Their unconventional look became the symbol of a whole generation. What is more, the work of photographers Hans Feurer and Peter Lindberg contributed to the creation of Kenzo’s identity, a clever blend of modernity, chic and ethnicity. In 1993, Kenzo became one of the bodies of the LVHM group and was taken over, a few years later, by Gilles Rosier, appointed artistic director of Kenzo while Kenzo Takada, aged 60, said he wanted to enjoy life. This was also succeeded, in 2003, by Antonio Marras before being himself replaced by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, in 2011.

Kenzo perfumes

The whole Kenzo’s first perfume was created in 1988. Intended for men, this one was endowed with an intense marine freshness. It immediately appealed to men and was followed by many other fragrances. Nevertheless, some of them displayed more popularity than others and, among the latter, Flower by Kenzo is a true legend. This wonderfully characterizes Kenzo’s universe, showing itself to be particularly modern, dynamic and poetic. Today, more than ever, especially with the creation of the new Kenzo World perfume, the brand appears to be unique in its kind. The two new artistic directors of the latter seem to want to breathe new life into it, more crazy than ever while knowing how to remain chic and elegant.

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