Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

Domain of the mark Dressmaker If some marks have shone the image of Haute Couture Haute Parfumerie tradition for several centuries, others on the other hand turn out to be very contemporary. This is the case of the brand Jimmy Choo, a new player in the prestige industry, but not least. Dressmaker

Jimmy Choo, a luxury brand of the 21st century

The Jimmy Choo brand was born from the imagination of a shoemaker of the same name. He was born in Malaysia and then lived in China before moving to London. He comes from a family of shoemakers and created his first shoe when he was barely 11 years old. He then studied in England, at the London College of Fashion, from which he graduated in 1983. From then on, in 1986, he opened his first shoe manufacturing store. In 1988, he was spotted by Vogue Magazine which published some of his creations. He then had the good fortune to offer some of his products to the biggest names in the international jet set, and in particular to Princess Diana. Jimmy Choo as we know it today was founded in 1996. Sandra Choi, Jimmy Choo’s niece, became its artistic director, a position she still holds to this day while Jimmy Choo left the company. company in 2001. From then on, Jimmy Choo’s success was immense, expanding internationally and particularly in the United States. Today, many stars swear by this brand and Jimmy Choo has signed collaborations with the greatest such as Karl Lagarfeld, Stella McCartney or Viktor & amp; Rolf. Today, Jimmy Choo is internationally recognized for its shoes made in Italy as well as for its accessories and handbags. Her fashion, for its part, turns out to be particularly sexy and perfectly anchored in the zeitgeist. A true pioneer in the art of celebrity clothing, Jimmy Choo is undoubtedly one of the shoe brands that have most often walked the red carpet in Cannes.

Jimmy Choo’s perfumery

Wishing to always push her know-how further, Jimmy Choo has also extended her activity to perfumery. The first essence of Jimmy Choo was thus born in 2011. It is a very sensual juice and designed by the French perfumer Olivier Polge. This one revolves around a bouquet of orchid, freesia and lily of the valley and turns out to be a particularly sexy and seductive floral. It thus sticks perfectly to the glamorous image of the Jimmy Choo woman. What’s more, it contains toffee, a typically English and gourmet note that fits it like a glove. Likewise, to always seduce a little more the luxury clientele of the brand, Jimmy Choo did not hesitate to design his bottle in a glass of Murano, an island located not far from Venice and renowned for its exceptional know-how. peer in terms of glassware. So although Jimmy Choo is now a brand with a presence in more than 35 countries, it may well be that its fame is still growing.

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