Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Brand domain Dressmaker Year creation 1976 There are some unusual personalities who have become over time, true emblematic figures of our French heritage. Thus, in the world of fashion, Jean-Paul Gaultier has been turning upside down the codes for more than 30 years now. Almost everyone knows her eternal sailor top and platinum brush. Here is the story of the man who is nicknamed “the enfant terrible of fashion”. Dressmaker

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s career

Jean-Paul Gaultier was born in 1952 in Bagneux. He joined Pierre Cardin in 1970 before making a stint with Jacques Estérel then with Jean Patou and working again for Cardin. Then, he decided to launch his first collection in a biker rock style, in 1976. Unfortunately, his first show did not have the expected success. On the other hand, he created a collection for the Japanese group Kashiyama and this one stood out more. This is how Jean-Paul Gaultier began to make a name for himself in the world of fashion. However, his vision against the tide did not gain real support until the 1980s. From then on, Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion shows multiplied and the designer’s timeless striped sweater made its appearance. Likewise, cult objects by Jean-Paul Gaultier were created at this time, such as her dress with conical breasts. In 1984, Jean-Paul Gaultier even dared to show men in skirts, overturning conventional fashion codes and making himself known as a very creative and even provocative character. Since that day, Jean-Paul Gaultier has continued to increase the number of spectacular parades, overturning clothing conventions but at the same time being recognized for his perfect mastery of cuts. Today, success cannot be denied and Jean-Paul Gaultier seems to be adored by all.

Jean-Paul Gaultier perfumes

At the height of his glory, in the 90s , and while Madonna wore the famous bustier of Jean-Paul Gaultier for her tour, the couturier decided to embark on the adventure of perfumery. Always eager for self-mockery, Jean-Paul Gaultier then chose to present his first perfume in packaging imitating a tin can, in 1993. As you will have recognized, it was the timeless Classic. This feminine juice embodied on the screen by Kate Moss was followed by its female counterpart, from 1995, named Le Mâle. Although other fragrances followed, the brand seems more eager than ever to refocus on its two essentials.

Until 2016, the house of Jean-Paul Gaultier Parfums was marketed under the aegis of Beauté Prestige International, a subsidiary of Shiseido. The latter still represented 40% of the global turnover of this luxury giant. However, since January, the brand has been acquired by the Puig group.

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