Jean-Louis Scherrer

Jean-Louis Scherrer

While contemporary perfumery is dominated by a few big brands, other perfumers, on the other hand, show more discretion. This does not mean that their juices are less elaborate, however. For example, the Jean-Louis Scherrer house reached its peak in the 1980s and today constitutes a perfume store that is intended more for initiated consumers.

The history of fashion Jean-Louis Scherrer

To better understand the soul present in the perfumes of Jean-Louis Scherrer, how about do you look at the life of this son of a doctor who was passionate about art in general? He wanted above all to become a professional dancer. This is how he took courses at the national conservatory in Paris. However, a serious fall forced him to change plans. He then turned to fashion and became a stylist at the age of 21. Quickly, he joined Dior in 1956. When the couturier died, he worked with Yves Saint-Laurent and then with Louis Féraud. It was then in 1962 that he decided to open his own fashion house. He installed it on the prestigious rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in Paris. He then moved to avenue Montaigne ten years later. This place then became a particularly trendy place embodying Parisian chic. Then, in 1980, it was the consecration! Jean-Louis Scherrer received the Parisian Haute Couture D’or for his “Russian” collection, which achieved international success. However, in the early 1990s, Jean-Louis Scherrer decided to sell his business to a Japanese group called Seibu. The latter dismissed the designer and Jean-Louis Scherrer was the first fashion house to lose its original designer.

Jean-Louis Scherrer perfumes

Today, the Jean- house Louis Scherrer never really recovered from the loss of its founder. Nevertheless, in parallel with his sewing activity, the perfume part of the brand continues to testify to the prestige of this house during the 80s. Indeed, it is in 1979 that Jean-Louis Scherrer decided to embark on creation. of perfumes. He made juices named Jean-Louis Scherrer, Scherrer 2 or Nuits Indiennes. Each of them is sewn using noble materials and is displayed in a perfect and very harmonious writing. This earned them the name of “couture perfumes”. Jean-Louis Scherrer thus seems to have a unique recipe giving each essence a little extra soul. Likewise, the Jean-Louis Scherrer perfumery has the art of making its consumers travel. Indeed, she has always been deeply inspired by various trips, whether in China, India or the Middle East. The Jean-Louis Scherrer fragrances thus call as much to explore the universe as its strong interior. Although they are all decades old, they still manage to portray us today as modern people, nomads and marked by profound refinement.

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