Jean Couturier

Jean Couturier

Brand domain Dressmaker Jean Dressmaker: Lots of love, a pinch of “Coriander & nbsp;” and many beautiful perfumes Between Jean Dressmaker, the founder of perfumes Yves Saint-Laurent and Jacqueline Keip, one of the most promising noses of Grasse, love at first sight is immediate. In 1972, after getting married, the Dressmaker spouses created their own perfume house: Parfums Dressmaker. Almost immediate success came in 1973 with “Coriander” … Dressmaker

“& nbsp; Coriander & nbsp;” or the meeting between a talented designer and “a nose” masterful

What is doing a former marketing director of Balmain, at the head of Yves Saint-Laurent perfumes and “a nose” bold and demanding of Grasse when they meet? They love each other of course, but together they created their own perfume house, the Couturier house.

Jean Couturier has been working since the 1960s for fine perfumery at the Yves-Saint-Laurent house. Fiery and daring, it will be at the origin of the birth of great fragrances such as “& nbsp; Y & nbsp;” or even “Rive Gauche”. As for Jacqueline Keip, she has the chance to discover the world of perfumery thanks to her father’s accountant working at the Roure perfume school in Grasse, under the direction of Bertrand Dupont with whom she will do an internship.

On the strength of her apprenticeship, Jacqueline Keip returns to Paris with a solid foundation that will enable her to participate in the composition of Jacques Fath perfumes, in particular. When the two young talents meet love at first sight is immediate and in 1972 their common passion will lead them to create the house Couturier. Jean Couturier takes care of management and marketing, Jacqueline Couturier of the creation of innovative and unique fragrances.

Couturier fragrances stand the test of time

“Coriander” released in 1973 is the very first perfume created by the house Couturier. Jacqueline Couturier wanted to pay tribute to her childhood memories and in particular to the scent of & nbsp; “Shocking” by Schiaparelli. “With Coriander, I wanted to rediscover the olfactory emotions of my youth, the subtle and delicate fragrance of my mother [” Shocking “] and the captivating fragrances of the Grasse countryside. ┬╗Declared Jacqueline Couturier. The delicate chypre-flowered will be all the more beautiful and will sign an undeniable success for the young house, to such an extent that it will be the subject of a reissue in 2013.

By following, the Couturier couple will try out new masculine fragrances such as “Monsieur Couturier & nbsp;” in 1976 and “& nbsp; 12 & nbsp;” in 1979 a beautiful aromatic fern “& nbsp; the fragrance for men that appeals to women & nbsp;”. & nbsp; Then in 1983 Couturier created again for women with “& nbsp; Keora & nbsp;” a beautiful flowery and powdery oriental or “& nbsp; smell has never been so much & nbsp;” as its advertising at the time readily said.

Yet in the mid-1980s, the Couturier house seemed to die out despite beautiful bursts of scent variations around their flagship fragrance “Coriander & nbsp;” with “Coriander Eau de Toilette” in 1993 then “Coriander Water from Jean Couturier” in 1996. In 2000, home-made scented creations remained relatively unnoticed, while “Coriandre & nbsp;” is still and always one of the best-selling perfumes of fine perfumery. In 2013, Couturier and “Coriandre & nbsp;” They will therefore enjoy a bath of youth with a modern reissue of the bestseller. In 2014, “& nbsp; Paris baroque & nbsp;” the floral oriental is added to the perfumed creations of the beautiful house while celebrating the pretty “& nbsp; Un Jardin ├á Paris & nbsp;” released in 2009.

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