Brand domain Dressmaker If certain artistic trends or currents persist through the ages, other fashions, on the other hand, appear overnight without us really knowing why. Also, in the heart of the 70s blew a hippie wave over the entire planet. Yes, but not only … It was also at this moment that the brand Jacomo appeared, with a snap of the fingers and as it happened out of nowhere to appear everywhere. Dressmaker

The story of Jacomo

The birth of the brand Jacomo took place at the end of the 60s and is the fruit of a meeting. Indeed, it is the result of a complicity between a French and an American named Gérard Courtin and James Kaplan. Real enthusiasts of art in general, whether it is music, fashion or contemporary art, they decided to create a brand in their image and called it Jacomo. As soon as she appeared, the latter was taken by storm by the middle of the jet set and, in no time at all, Jacomo’s name was already appearing everywhere. It must be said that the brand stuck perfectly to the very creative style of the 70s, displaying joyful, daring and even insolent trends. Jacomo launched its very first fragrance, Eau Cendrée, in 1970. The brand applied a particularly avant-garde vision to this new juice. In fact, even its bottle was inspired by a work of MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This was a masculine juice that soon hit the most prestigious bathrooms on the planet. This is how it was followed, in 1971, by its female counterpart named Chicane. This was the start of Jacomo’s fabulous adventure.

The other fragrances of Jacomo

There followed many creations which are often said to be refined and very daring . As the creators of the brand explain: “the secret is the silences … The silences collect the emotion of the bodies like water, at dawn, captures the scents of the night. Thus, the Silences juice was created in 1972, appearing as a bewitching fragrance based on narcissus, Bulgarian rose and blackcurrant contained in an elegant polished black bottle. 1980 saw the appearance of Jacomo Le Parfum, a concentrate of flowers and spices. Coeur de Parfum followed five years later. Then, in 1991, Jacomo decided to create a duo of perfumes called Les Anthracites. In the style of the iconic Paco Rabanne duets, these two juices seemed to be ideally designed to never live without the other. Many perfumes then followed like Ambro and Silences in 1996, Paradox in 1998, Aura in 2000, Silences Purple in 2004,… Then, an assortment called Art Collection by Jacomo was created in 2010, appearing to be a symbiosis perfect between art and perfumery.

Currently, the Jacomo brand offers a selection of six fragrances for men and seven fragrances for women. All of them appear to be very contemporary, at the same time refined while being daring.

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