Brand domain Dressmaker If some brands are an integral part of our French heritage so much they have endured through the ages, others, on the other hand, have a much more recent history. This is the case with Jacadi. This brand is a real delight which has the particularity of focusing primarily on children’s creations. Both authentic and timeless, it is part of the tradition of French children’s fashion and continues to develop through the creation of many other products such as perfumes. Dressmaker

The history and values ​​of Jacadi

Jacadi is a French ready-to-wear brand specializing in clothing for children aged 0 to 12 . The latter was created in 1976 by Patrick and Christina Hamelle, respectively CEO and director of the style office. Together, they decided to offer a rather targeted high-end clothing line inspired by the dress style of the Belle Époque. Quickly achieving great success, Jacadi began its internationalization in 1983 with the opening of a store in Lausanne, Switzerland. Likewise, it was not long in expanding its sector of activity by creating, in 1985, a first collection of shoes. The same year, Jacadi exported overseas and opened his very first store in the United States, in the heart of Los Angeles. Nevertheless, it was not until four more years before the first line of Jacadi cosmetics appeared, in 1989. Although the idea was innovative, it immediately won the support of the public, which allowed Jacadi to emigrate to this country. both in Asian territory, and more particularly in Taiwan. Anxious to continue its development, the Jacadi brand joined the Idgroup group in 2005 with the aim of adhering to a common mission: “Undertaking so that the world can progress in the service of the growing child”. Indeed, attentive to the tenderness and freshness of childhood, Jacadi cultivates family values ​​that are passed on from generation to generation. It is thus part of an approach turned towards the future but always imbued with a deep authenticity.

Jacadi perfumes

Jacadi ensures that each of its creations retains a part of authentic and timeless French heritage. Likewise, it respects very strict requirements in terms of quality in order to always satisfy its customers a little more. Obviously, if this applies initially to its fashion sector, the range of Jacadi perfumes has not escaped these ambitions either. Today, Jacadi offers its fragrances through a range of six fragrances. These evolve from alcohol-free Eau de Soin for babies to Eau de Toilette for young girls or young men. These juices are concerned with the well-being of your children and therefore respect their skin. To do this, they are made up of more than 90% natural ingredients and are enriched with moisturizers and thermal water. They have a delicate scent and are recognized for their very elegant freshness.

Jacadi’s notoriety is no longer to be proven today and the brand currently extends to more than 35 countries, with more over 270 boutiques as well as three online stores.

Who says luxury has to be adults only? After all, why shouldn’t the youngest have the right to perfectly fitting clothes, and an impeccable sense of cut? It is precisely these questions that Patrick and Christina Hamelle asked themselves when they decided to found the Jacadi brand in 1976. Today, it is one of the most famous brands on the planet in terms of ready-to-wear and children’s perfume. So what about its history? What is the guideline that each Jacadi product follows? We tell you everything!

The growing boom in Jacadi perfumes

Let’s start by telling you the incredible story of Jacadi. It all started in 1976 when Patrick and Christina Hamelle entered the world of ready-to-wear. However, they decided not to take the easy step towards a classic brand. They had the idea to create luxury clothes for children. The classic style and the impeccable quality of Jacadi creation did not take long to stand out. Thus, in 1983, when Jacadi was already well established in France, the brand established itself internationally, starting with Switzerland, in Lausanne, and then going, in 1986, to the heart of Los Angeles. . At the same time, Jacadi also decided to develop its business sectors. It started with the creation of shoes. A childcare department then came. It was then enriched with a care and perfume sector. Today, the Jacadi brand belongs to the LDGroup group, which has not prevented it from retaining its own identity.

Jacadi perfumes, real care products

If you are not familiar with the world of children’s perfumery, be aware that this is a particularly regulated field. Indeed, the idea is to introduce the youngest to the world of odors while taking care of their skin. Thus, Jacadi perfumes meet very strict criteria. They are composed of more than 90% of ingredients of natural origin. They also contain thermal water, moisturizers and panthenol. Therefore, they are non-drying and non-irritating. They preserve the flexibility and comfort of the epidermis throughout the day. They can be applied directly to the skin, hair, clothing or bed linen. From then on, they delight both parents and the little ones!

The very refined style of the Jacadi brand for children

Whether through its clothes or its perfumes, Jacadi is characterized by a very chic and timeless style. The brand embodies the image of French elegance around the world. Most of these creations are inspired by the Belle Époque while possessing an undeniable element of modernity. No unnecessary detail is ever added without a reason. Everything is worked with extreme precision. Jacadi is a guarantee of exceptional quality and his success story seems far from over!

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