Brand domain Dressmaker IKKS perfumes are not just products. They embody a concept combining creativity, authenticity and modernity. Indeed, these are the values ​​guiding this company since its launch. If the latter first developed clothes, today it is also recognized for its many fragrances with a strong personality intended for both children and adults. Dressmaker

A look back at the history of IKKS

It was in 1987 that the IKKS brand was created under the leadership of Gérard le Golf and Viviane Peigné . Initially, it was a brand intended for children and offering a line of trendy and creative junior clothing. Originally, its founder wanted to call its brand X but this name was already registered. So he decided to write it IKKS, a sort of phonetic parody in homage to the name chosen initially. Very quickly, IKKS was noticed for its trendy and original style, both modern and very urban. Likewise, IKKS then focused on the development of sports products, even opening its first store in the Belgian resort of Kaokke le Haut just five years later. IKKS did not take long to seduce a global clientele and its success was such that the brand developed a first women’s collection, in 1999. Likewise, today it also offers men’s clothing. Nevertheless, its core business remains above all that of junior fashion. For the sake of expansion, in 2000 IKKS joined the Zannier group, which is primarily positioned in the mid-to-high-end children’s fashion market. The first IKKS online store was inaugurated in 2007. Finally, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, IKKS opened a concept store on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

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In parallel, IKKS has also launched a whole range of accessories. The brand thus offers its customers shoes, candles, luggage and also perfume. However, it is precisely this that interests us here. IKKS markets several olfactory ranges with their own identity. Thus, her juices for children are very fresh while her perfumes for women are more glamorous. Essences for men, for their part, play more on the register of virility. Nevertheless, these three lines come together around a central theme: the urban and trendy aspect characteristic of the IKKS brand. Of course, like any self-respecting perfume brand, IKKS also calls on prestigious muses. Thus, the Australian singer Nadéah embodies the image of the IKKS women’s line. The men, meanwhile, are represented by Blackfeet Revolution, a young Parisian rock group. Finally, it is the young actress Capucine, the fencer Aymeric and the classical dance Manon who are the faces of the children’s line of the house.

Although IKKS is a fairly recent brand, it is today present in many shops around the world. In addition, it has more than 150 in France, around 30 in Spain and around 15 in Belgium.

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