Brand domain Dressmaker Year of creation 1837 At first glance, the world of couture, perfumery and horse riding are not necessarily related sectors. However, Hermès is a brand that has managed to combine these three worlds to create a world-renowned luxury brand. Dressmaker

Hermès, more than 170 years of heritage

It was in 1837 that Thierry Hermès founded a factory of saddles and harnesses for horses. Indeed, at that time, it was a flourishing industry because horses were still the most common means of transport. Very quickly, the Hermès house was noticed, making itself a rich clientele. In 1878, Charles Émile Hermès took over from his father. He decided to extend his activity to leather goods, offering bags and leather saddlebags for riders. Once again, this enterprise was crowned with success. Little by little, the diversification of Hermès activities accelerated, offering, from the 1920s, collections of travel accessories as well as gloves, belts, jewelry, watches and even dog collars! Hermès clothing, for its part, appeared in the 1930s with a strategy more particularly based on feminine creations. Likewise, certain Hermès pieces became emblematic at this time, like the Kelly bag from 1935 or the scarf scarf from 1937. This success continued thanks to Jean-René Guerrand and Robert Dumas. Moreover, it was precisely Jean-René Guerrand who had the idea of ​​developing the Hermès perfume branch in the 1950s.

The perfumes synonymous with passion and freedom from the Hermès house < / h2>

Hermès’ first perfume was the creation of the Edmond Roudnitska nose. It was born in 1951 and was called L’Eau d’Hermès. Today he is considered to be a true legend. It is perfectly anchored in the history and tradition of Hermès. It gives off a sweet smell of supple leather while being embellished with wood and spices. It was followed by many other bestsellers, all echoing in their own way the world of horse riding. Calèche, a timeless, feminine and woody juice, was created in 1961. Équipages, meanwhile, appeared in 1970, before being followed by Amazone in 1974. Hermès is a brand that likes to deliver to us. the image of an almost romantic person. As such, in 1986, she developed the perfume Bel Ami, in homage to the character of the eponymous novel by Guy de Maupassant. Similarly, Hermès does not forget its history and very often refers to its heritage, as when the brand created, in 1995, the 24 Faubourg perfume in reference to the first address of the Hermès store in Paris. Obviously, today it is quite simply impossible to mention the brand without talking about the famous Terre d’Hermès from 2006. This juice is a real sensory experience paying homage to the natural elements and encouraging man to refocus on himself. Today, it would be quite simply impossible to give you all the perfumes signed Hermès as the collection is so large. The best way to make it your own is then to observe it more closely for yourself …

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