Hanae Mori

Hanae Mori

Brand domain Dressmaker Hanae Mori is a name that today alone is enough to take the imagination on a journey. Indeed, it is that of a fashion designer who became a perfumer and whose world is halfway between East and West. Hanae Mori has made each of her works a creation loaded with poetry. Here are its origins, its history and its multiple creative influences. Dressmaker

When fate made Hanae Mori a great seamstress

Hanae Mori was born under the name of HanaĆ© Fujii, in Shimane, southern Japan, in 1926. Graduated from the Christian Women’s University in Tokyo in 1947, she then married Ken Mori, a well-known executive in the textile industry. However, the role of housewife did not convince her at all and she quickly decided to emancipate herself. This is how she enrolled in a sewing school in order to create her own fashion brand. This was done in 1951 when she opened her first store in central Tokyo. What is more, it was located in front of a cinema offering many Western films. One day, director Sotojiro Kuromoto walked out of a shoot and noticed his sign. Seduced by the work of Hanae Mori, he asked her to develop the costumes for his next film. This is how Hanae Mori’s career was launched. Very quickly, Hanae Mori characterized herself in a fashion with vibrant colors and satin textiles. His ambition was to offer the world a new image of Japanese couture. What is more, its notoriety extended far beyond Japan. In addition, we owe him the costumes for many opera masterpieces in Milan and Paris. This is how Hanae Mori managed to combine Japanese culture and Western style until she was admitted as a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne, in 1977.

The perfumes of ‘Hanae Mori

As in sewing, Hanae Mori does not forget her past when it comes to making perfumes. Thus, she remembers a butterfly having landed on her cradle when she was a child. She made it the creative symbol of each of her perfumes. Like this insect, its juices are naturally elegant. They embody absolute femininity and are located halfway between Western know-how in perfumery and the oriental inspiration of this designer. What is more, respectful of nature, Hanae Mori designs each of its perfumes with the purest respect for the environment. Its packaging is all ecological and its ingredients are selected in an eco-responsible approach. What’s more, Hanae Mori supports many charitable actions aimed at improving health problems around the world.

Each of Hanae Mori’s works emphasizes simplicity and traditional know-how without however lacking in audacity. The latter always manage to sublimate women with accuracy while conveying a wide range of emotions.

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