Guy Laroche

Guy Laroche

Year of creation 1957 The Guy Laroche fashion and perfume house is now run by Marcel Marongiu, artistic creator of the brand. This one likes to make women want to dress every day without being in the exaggeration. Thus, he knew how to keep the elegance of his predecessors and affirms that a “woman does not need to dress up to please and to please herself, no need to do too much”, he says.

The origins of the Guy Laroche house

Guy Laroche is the name of a French couturier and stylist born in July 1921 in La Rochelle. He decided to found his fashion house in Paris in 1957 and it was that same year that designed his first Haute Couture collection. Very quickly, Guy Laroche was noticed for his taste for bright colors, innovative shapes and embroidery. Guy Laroche was an avant-garde and daring character who wanted above all to liberate the body of women by offering them elegant but comfortable clothes. Guy Laroche can thus boast of having considerably modernized French women’s fashion. He has been able, throughout his career, to adapt to his time. This is what made him notice by the Women’s Wear Daily. This famous newspaper notably put forward the ball gowns of Guy Laroche. Similarly, in terms of sewing, Guy Laroche is famous for his halter tops, especially the one worn by Mireille Darc in the film “The tall blond with a black shoe”. Today, this couture piece is part of our French heritage, which has earned it the prestige of being stored in the Louvre. Nevertheless, Guy Laroche’s know-how does not stop there and is also available in the field of perfumery.

The perfumes of Guy Laroche

If Guy Laroche is a synonymous name elegant in terms of fashion, its fragrances follow the same lineage. Its very first juice was created in 1966, barely a year after the signing of a perfume license developed in collaboration with the L’Oréal group. It was the iconic Fiji, a juice synonymous with strength and elegance. What is more, note that this French perfume was the first fragrance to associate a strong image with a prestigious couturier. At that time, only Americans seemed capable of such a feat. The success of this juice synonymous with escape was immense and it was thus that it was followed by Drakkar in 1972 then by Drakkar Noir in 1982, two other great successes of the Guy Laroche brand. In addition, Drakkar Noir remained the first male perfume for more than 10 years, which today earned it the qualification of mythical perfume.

If the Guy Laroche brand continues to exist today and to promote our heritage. The couturier at the origin of its creation died on February 17, 1989, in Paris. He rests with his parents, his brother and his sister-in-law in a cemetery near Toulouse.

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