Brand domain Dressmaker The American dream is an ideology that fascinates and that embodies the image we have of freedom, abundance and prosperity. Also, what place more emblematic of the American dream than California? We therefore suggest that you take a trip to this place synonymous with wide open spaces, beaches and luxury for a few minutes. Indeed, Guess is a brand that many qualify as the “most Frenchie of Californian brands”. Focus on its history, its style and its most beautiful creations. Dressmaker

From small business to luxury empire

Guess’s story is like a Hollywood movie success story. And for good reason… this one tells us the story of four Marseille brothers who left for Los Angeles to try their luck. Their project then consisted of making jeans. However, the denim fabric was at that time considered to be out of fashion. To bring a breath of fresh air to this trend, the Marciano brothers, founders of Guess, therefore decided to combine the European style with this emblematic fabric of the United States. Guess’s name, meanwhile, is directly inspired by an advertisement for MacDonalds. It had the phrase, “Guess, what’s in the new Big Mac,” read “Guess what’s in the new Big Mac”. & Nbsp; Guess was the word that was written in larger size and so it was retained. With their patter and daring, the Marciano brothers began by selling clothes in Los Angeles during the summer season. They had the idea to wash their jeans with volcanic stones. The idea was so popular that they opened a second multi-brand jeans store in Los Angeles just two months later! Paul Marciano, CEO of Guess recalls: “Everyone tried to talk us out of going, but we had nothing to lose, so we went for it. What’s more, eager to make themselves known, they sent one of their designs to Bloogmingdale’s, America’s famous department store chain. This is how the fury of Guess jeans came to life.

The inimitable style of Guess

Little by little, Guess has been able to develop multiple lines of clothing while accessorizing them with luggage, leather goods, eyewear, jewelry, underwear and perfumes. At the same time, Guess’s fame extended far beyond American borders. Indeed, Guess is known for his many sexy advertisements and his charming muses like Claudia Schiffer, Naomie Campbell or even Carla Bruni. In addition, Guess arrived in Europe in the 90s and its turnover since then has more than tenfold! We are now a long way from the small family business. The Guess group entered the New York Stock Exchange in 1996. It embodies the American lifestyle in its most elegant facet, both in terms of fashion and in terms of perfume.

Today hui, Guess has more than 1,200 stores around the world and each of its fragrances is distributed in more than 80 countries. What’s more, Guess is a company at heart that created the Guess Foundation in 1994 to raise funds for cancer research or to fund other charitable endeavors.

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