Brand domain Perfumer Year of creation 1828 The history of Guerlain is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious French know-how. This name is synonymous with daring designers, legendary creations and timeless craftsmanship. Perfumer

Whether in terms of skincare, perfumes or make-up, Guerlain has mastered the art of sublimating women for two centuries now and has acquired an unrivaled heritage.

The history of the prestigious Guerlain brand

It was in 1828 that Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain founded his first boutique. Perfumer, chemist and inventor, he settled in the heart of our capital, at 42, rue de Rivoli. This address quickly became the favorite place of elegant women and dandies. Guerlain offered tailor-made perfume creations while personalizing the bottles for its customers. What is more, the aura of the Guerlain house was considerably deployed when Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain composed, in 1853, the Eau de Cologne Impériale, offering it to the Empress Eugenie on the occasion of her marriage to Napoleon III. . In addition, the Guerlain house has always succeeded in reinventing itself throughout its history. It is at the origin of the famous Guerlinade, a scent that has become cult today and presents a scent combining bergamot, rose, jasmine, tonka bean and vanilla. Generally speaking, Guerlain cultivates the art of overdose and does not hesitate to surprise its audience. Nevertheless, the quality of its products and the excellence of its craftsmanship have always been wonderfully well received by consumers. Guerlain’s perfumes are always synonymous with a strong emotional impact and this house has thus embellished its long destiny with true olfactory legends. Thus, it is to Guerlain that we owe the emblematic Shalimar or the most recent La Petite Robe Noire juice, an essence that has been used in almost all women’s bathrooms.

Thierry Wasser, perfumer official of Guerlain

If all the perfumers who have followed one another within Guerlain carried the name of this family, it is now Thierry Wasser who has held the position of official nose of the brand, since 2008. This one owes its salvation only to its talent and not to its blood ties which unites it to this brand. He strives to perpetuate the heavy tradition of Guerlain and to maintain unparalleled quality in each of his creations. What is more, he manages to combine the spirit of Guerlain with his personal touch. It is to him that we owe La Petite Robe Noire, one of the greatest successes of our contemporary perfumery. Succeeding five generations of perfumers and worthy heir to an olfactory catalog of more than 800 fragrances, Thierry Wasser is the new conductor of Guerlain essences. The latter is eager for discoveries and does not hesitate to explore the world in search of new raw materials. Even today, Guerlain is considered to be one of the biggest French and world luxury brands. Each of his creations arouses emotion and aims to surprise and amaze. Also, each juice is thought out down to the smallest detail, whether in terms of smell or bottle. Nothing is ever too good for the Guerlain house and as its creator said so well: “Glory is fleeting, only fame lasts. “

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