Brand domain Dressmaker From fashion to perfumery, there is often only one step. Indeed, many are the great Haute Couture houses to have embarked on the olfactory adventure in order to sublimate each of their creations with an invisible adornment. Also, such was the case of the Grès house. The founder of the Grès house The Grès brand was founded by Germaine Émilie Krebs, known as Alix then Alix Grès and became famous under the name of Madame Grès. This great seamstress is above all an artist. Indeed, she was initially seduced by dance and then by sculpture before deciding to orient herself in fashion. Dressmaker

Moreover, this turnaround pleased her family more, who considered this path more “appropriate”. She therefore started in this sector in 1934 and opened her first workshop, which was called Alix Couture, rue de Miromesnil in Paris. To do this, she teamed up with Julie Barton. Together, they made a first summer collection sewn with multiple drapes and little stitching. In addition, Madame Grès demonstrated a very innovative spirit with this collection. It used new fabrics and had above all an avant-garde vocation. A year later, the brand was renamed Maison Alix and was completely taken over by Madame Grès who decided to sail solo. It was then in 1942 that Germaine Krebs decided to resell her brand to found her own house at 1, rue de la Paix, in Paris. The Grès brand as we know it today was launched!

The development of the Grès brand

The first collection of the Grès house was a real success. Indeed, Germaine Krebs decided to transcend the technique of draping there and that greatly pleased the female audience of the time. Barely five years later, in 1947, the Grès brand therefore decided to continue its ascent by making its very first perfume. Since that day, these two universes coexist under the same entity and influence each other. They are both nourished by the boundless creativity of Madame Grès and her multiple travels. In addition, India particularly marked the creator of the brand. She brought back from this country many Indian weaving techniques as well as rare and exotic scents. It was in this context that Grès saw the appearance of the Cabochard perfume, in 1959. It was then unlike any other and propelled the Grès brand to the forefront of the international scene in the perfume sector.

< p> Since 1988, the Grès fashion house has belonged to the Japanese group Yagi Tsusko. Grès perfumes, on the other hand, were acquired by Art & amp; Fragrance, in 2008. What is more, Madame Grès died in 1993. Nevertheless, the brand continues its creative line and regularly signs new juices very inspired by minimalism and emblematic Parisian elegance.

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