Giorgio Beverly Hills

Giorgio Beverly Hills

Some scents are both unique and powerful. They alone evoke multiple feelings and are like a trip to the heart of La Dolce Vita. They sparkle like a star on the red carpet. They are a concentrate of fantasy and refinement. Also, among the latter, the Giorgio Beverly Hills perfume is undoubtedly a symbol of luxury and Californian glamor. This one has been an essential hymn to femininity for over 30 years and helps to promote the image of the eponymous brand around the world.

The launch of the Giorgio Beverly Hills brand

The Giorgio Beverly Hills brand was born from the hands of Fred Hayman, a Swiss born in 1925 who migrated to New York in the middle of the last century. This illustrious character got his start in the luxury hotel industry and quickly acquired a well-rounded CV. A visionary at heart, his ambition was to radically change the world view on Los Angeles style. Thus, he opened a boutique that became iconic and immediately recognizable by its yellow and white striped blinds. This is located on Rodeo Drive, one of the richest avenues in Beverly Hills. It was opened in 1961 and was quickly considered to be one of the most innovative boutiques of its generation. Indeed, it was a new concept store on the west coast of America. Giorgio Beverly Hills was a house of many brands and fitting in perfectly with the luxurious atmosphere of its neighborhood. It included a reading room, a pool table, a fireplace, an oak bar… Thus, these gentlemen could relax while waiting for their wives to do their shopping. Likewise, Giorgio Beverly Hills offered a delivery of purchases the next day to the homes of its customers, in Rolls-Royce! The concept did not fail to seduce all the upscale clientele of the time. Thus, many celebrities frequented this store regularly, like Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan, Diana Ross or Elizabeth Taylor.

The birth of the mythical perfume of Giorgio Beverly Hills

However, if Giorgio Beverly Hills still shines today, it is also thanks to its iconic fragrance. But do you know how this one was born? In fact, to captivate its customers even more, the Giorgio Beverly Hills store embellished its air conditioning system with a fragrance sprayed throughout its premises. Quickly, the smell chosen by the brand hit the mark and its elegance, power and daring stood out. This is how Giorgio Beverly Hills decided to create a fragrance in its own right. Likewise, it was associated with advertising pages in the magazines Vogue and Harpers’s Bazaar, as early as 1983. In addition, the Giorgio Beverly Hills perfume was the first to have been distributed in the form of scented inserts in the press. This will greatly contribute to his notoriety and his sales soared. Its success quickly spread beyond America’s borders. Moreover, its launch in France in 1985 was highlighted by a huge event podium in the Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. The result then exceeded all the expectations of its creator since this perfume generated more than 100 million dollars in sales in just four years!

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