Brand domain Dressmaker Year of creation 1976 Escada is a brand with a history dating back more than 40 years and whose fame is based on an innovative commercial concept for the time: the democratization of Haute Couture. Focus on their history of daring and success. Dressmaker

The birth of the Escada brand

Escada is a design house that was founded in 1976 by dressmaker Margaretha Ley and her husband Wolfgang Ley, a man German business. Both chose to baptize their brand with the name of a horse they had bet on during their honeymoon. This is how they launched a brand offering high quality fabrics and pieces worthy of Haute Couture but at an affordable price. Escada was quickly synonymous with creativity, comfort and harmony. Likewise, Escada has always made sure to offer its customers creations throughout the seasons. This taste for sewing came naturally to Margaretha Ley, a former Swedish model and trained in sewing. With a keen sense of style, she then offered a whole assortment of very elegant clothes, not afraid of contrasts, bright colors and the assembly of several patterns. Escada was thus perceived as a sign synonymous with joie de vivre. In this sense, it stuck wonderfully with the extroverted state of mind typical of the 1980s. The very first Escada perfume, on the other hand, arrived 20 years later, in 1990. It bore the name of the brand and fit in a very feminine and sensual heart-shaped bottle. Nevertheless, the Escada revolution came in 1993, when the house developed its first seasonal fragrance called Chiffon Sorbet. This was the first in a long series dedicated especially to the summer. It appeared in limited edition and came out around spring time. Escada had just invented a new concept that would never leave it…

The image of Escada today

More than ever, Escada is now seen as a brand glamorous yet relaxed. She has managed to keep her sensual and elegant femininity of yesteryear while adding a touch of lightness. Moreover, this has only been accentuated thanks to the creation of the Escada seasonal fragrances. Thus, Escada offers all styles of clothing, dressing women in all circumstances, whether it is simply to go to work, to relax through the practice of various hobbies or to decorate the greatest occasions. Despite everything, Escada remains a luxury brand. She simply added a dash of freshness and modernity to this often too compartmentalized universe. If Escada has a classic range of perfumes including the essential Magnetisme, Especially and Joyful, it is especially the limited edition summer perfumes of Escada that are the strength of their perfumery. They are always eagerly awaited by consumers and sell by the thousands as soon as they bud in the spring.

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