Emanuel Ungaro

Emanuel Ungaro

Brand domain Dressmaker Emanuel Ungaro is a Franco-Italian fashion designer who was born on February 13, 1933 in Aix-en-Provence. He seems to carry his know-how to the depths of his genes since his father was himself a tailor. Moreover, it was by his side that he learned the basics of the profession of a stylist, at the age of nine. On the other hand, he, who came from a modest family of Italian immigrants, was in no way destined for such a promising career and such refinement characteristic of the world of luxury. Dressmaker

The daring fashion of Emanuel Ungaro

One day in 1956, Emanuel Ungaro decided to join Paris then Barcelona in order to make a name for himself in the world of fashion and to be trained by the best in this profession. Thus, he joined the Balenciaga company, where he spent six years. He then went to Courrèges for two years before creating his own label in 1965. Very early on, the rigor acquired during his apprenticeship as well as his continual search for perfection made him a name synonymous with excellence. Nevertheless, Emanuel Ungaro took several years to find his own style. Throughout his collections, he managed to surprise his audience with original color combinations, mixtures of printed patterns, the use of very bright colors and the use of exceptional drapes. Then, Emanuel Ungaro decided to settle at the beginning of avenue Montaigne, in Paris. Indeed, this street is famous for its many luxury stores and it was then for Emanuel Ungaro a way of asserting himself as a prestigious designer. He therefore opened his store between Prada and Plein Sud. The rise of Emmanuel Ungaro was such that he was considered, in the 1980s, to be a designer who was one of the five biggest names in Parisian Haute Couture and who had strongly contributed to the revival of French fashion at that time. .

The launch in perfumery of Emanuel Ungaro

Continuing its expansion, Emanuel Ungaro decided to launch into perfumery in 1983. Thus, he was able to complete his many exuberant outfits with perfumes to their image. Whether in terms of fragrances or couture, each of Emanuel Ungaro’s creations is intended for daring women and reminds them that they are above all seductresses. Since 1983, the brand has considerably expanded its olfactory sector with numerous feminine and masculine fragrances. A very last juice for women named La Diva has just been launched in 2016.

If Emanuel Ungaro himself is no longer part of the house he created since 2004, his successors continue to punctuate each season with very imaginative fragrances and fashion creations. Thus, the Emanuel Ungaro brand continues its path with the same anticipation of trends. What is more, in addition to perfumery and couture, Emanuel Ungaro now offers a wide range of interior design products.

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