If perfumery is an art that is part of our heritage and whose ancestral history has followed multiple cultures for decades, many brands are still embarking on this adventure today. Thus, the face of perfumery is particularly broad, bringing together real legends with newcomers. In this context, the ELLE brand has also chosen to develop its olfactory activity in 2015. Here is a quick presentation of the latter which will allow you to better understand what it is…

ELLE, a brand specializing in print media

ELLE may be a new brand in terms of perfumery, however, its name should not be yours unknown. In addition, it is the first high-end women’s newspaper company. To give you an idea, the brand has a total of 45 different editions and 21 million readers worldwide! Since its creation, ELLE has displayed the ambition to get involved and get people to react. Thus, this great house continues to update itself to stay in tune with the times and give meaning to its articles. ELLE therefore embodies strong current values ​​and symbolizes feminine modernity. Their numerous journalists work tirelessly day after day to concoct fashion and beauty sections for women embellished with images captured by the best photographers on the planet. Thus, the magazine ELLE manages to seduce generations of women, stimulating their desires and constantly sharpening their inspiration. Readers thus maintain a kind of intimate bond with this brand and it is therefore around its new fragrances that Elle now intends to unite women. Be aware, however, that this is not the brand’s first diversification. In addition, ELLE has a line of clothing, accessories, interior design, office supplies and luggage. In total, its products are now sold in more than 80 countries.

ELLE and its new fragrances

Designed for independent and free women, ELLE embodies the image that we is made of the urban and dynamic Parisian of today. The brand combines elegance with relaxation as well as optimism. However, it is not exactly the woman that she has this time chosen to address but rather her children. Indeed, ELLE developed, in 2015, an assortment of several fragrances composed for our whole little tribe! It is an association of four fragrances with joyful and emotional, fresh and creative scents. Moreover, their names say a lot about their ambition: So Pretty, So Cute, So Sweety and So Lovely are essences that will only make you fall in love! Its sparkling and trendy scents are intended for children aged 0 to 14 years old. Thus, you will no longer be the only one to be the embodiment of a chic and trendy Parisian. Optimism is now within reach of your whole family and it may well be that the ELLE brand does not intend to stop there! Case to be followed in the coming years…

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