Elie Saab

Elie Saab

Brand domain Dressmaker Year creation 2011 If the Elie Saab style had to be characterized in three words, there It’s a safe bet that femininity, elegance and grace are appropriate terms. Elie Saab explains: “I was born with this passion to design and make dresses, he says, and I have always been surrounded by beautiful ladies. Dressmaker

The desire to dress them up and make them elegant and chic was a constant inspiration. »

Who is Elie Saab?

Elie Saab was born in Beirut on July 4, 1964, to a stay-at-home mother and a timber merchant father. Nothing predestined him then to become a recognized stylist. Nevertheless, he developed a passion for sewing at an early age and began cutting his own patterns from his mother’s tablecloths and curtains when he was barely nine years old. He thus drew models for his sisters. It is therefore in all logic and following this precocious vocation that Elie Saab embarked on studies of styling. However, given his already extensive knowledge, he has a particularly boring memory of this course. He then decided to found his own fashion house in Beirut when he was barely 18 years old. A few months later, he presented his first collection, composed of very feminine dresses. His fame was immediate and did not take long to go beyond the borders of Lebanon. Thus, in 1997, Elie Saab paraded for the Italian fashion week. A year later, he began to open stores all over the world, in Paris, London, Madrid, Moscow, Los Angeles and even Hong Kong. In this continuity, he chose to settle in Paris, in 2002, in the heart of the golden triangle, receiving a rich and international clientele.

Elie Saab, a recent actor in perfumery

If Elie Saab continues to expand his notoriety, he has only recently started in perfumery. Her very first perfume saw the light of day in 2011. It opened the doors to a fabulous universe for us. Indeed, Elie Saab confides to think of the perfume as a concentrate of light. The Elie Saab fragrance is based on a floral, solar and woody theme, displaying a radiant femininity. What is more, the couturier did not hesitate to incorporate top quality ingredients such as two varieties of jasmine as well as a patchouli of astonishing purity. What is more, Elie Saab believes that a perfume would be nothing without a sublime bottle. To do this, he surrounded himself with designer Sylvie de France, creating a setting respecting the codes of traditional perfumery. Elie Saab’s demands are evident on all sides. The Elie Saab perfume is a true masterpiece of architecture and jewelry, resulting from unparalleled know-how in glassmaking. Likewise, it keeps all its promises in terms of scents. As usual and like each of the creations of this great house, it succeeds better than any other product in sublimating natural femininity.

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