Brand domain Dressmaker Diesel is a brand famous for its sophisticated look combined with a touch of arrogance. Indeed, this brand is intended more particularly for the youth market and is aimed directly at a daring and creative audience. If it began to establish its notoriety through couture creations, it is today particularly recognized in the cosmetics sector and more precisely in perfume. A look back at his history and his finest works… Dressmaker

The beginnings of Renzo Rosso

Diesel is a company born from the hands of Renzo Rosso. The latter was born in northeastern Italy in 1955 and comes from a world far removed from that of fashion, perfumery or luxury in general. Indeed, he was born into a family of farmers and then learned the ropes of business and negotiations by force of circumstances, from the age of 10. Indeed, it was at this moment that he was offered a rabbit. A businessman at heart, Renzo Rosso took it into his head to give him babies and sell them. He quickly counted over 100 rabbits and realized the possibility of making a profit. A little studious student, he decided at the age of 15 to join a new Italian institute specializing in the field of fashion. He graduated from it and then worked initially for a local company whose main activity resides in the making of pants. He was a production manager there and himself chose to negotiate a lower salary with his boss but with a part in commission. Its director accepted and this motivated Renzo Rosso considerably. The profits of the company soared and the latter became the partner of his hierarchical superior by obtaining 40% of the shares of the company.

The birth of Diesel

From 1978, several brands were created in the company including Diesel Jeans. Renzo Rosso took the opportunity to develop his own style by developing a collection of men’s clothing from 1979. The brand then grew and developed its international export from 1981. Eager for notoriety, Renzo Rosso also published a range of clothing in 1984, year in which sales of the Diesel brand already reached the sum of 5 million dollars per year! Renzo Rosso is a character who has always surrounded himself with very creative and innovative staff. What is more, he never curbed his madness and it is undoubtedly what allowed him to stand out from all his other competitors. As a continuation of this expansion, Diesel’s first perfume saw the light of day in 1996. Nevertheless, olfactory success really came about in 2007 with the creation of the Fuel For Life line. Today, Diesel’s olfactory range is characterized by a touch of arrogance mixed with profound elegance. Diesel products are now sold in more than 80 countries and through 300 stores. What is more, this represents the tidy sum of 1200 billion euros of annual turnover as well as a collaboration with more than 3000 people!

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