1930: Year to note of a white stone in several areas. Indeed, it was at this moment that the first soccer world cup took place in Uruguay. Likewise, it was in 1930 that the very first automobile tunnel connecting two countries was built, more exactly between Detroit and Windsor. Yes, but not only… It was also in 1930 that the Davidoff company was created. Back on its history, its highlights and its cult products.

The story of Davidoff

Today Davidoff is considered an empire of luxury. Yet this company was originally built on modest foundations. It is the work of Zino Davidoff, born in Kiev in 1906 and become an illustrious figure in the commercial tobacco industry. Thus, the latter opened a tobacco shop in Geneva in 1930. Very quickly, he brought a very modern point of view on the universe of this product but also of luxury in general. Indeed, Zino Davidoff has always considered that luxury is not a material in itself but rather the experience surrounding the consumption of this product. Thus, he quickly made a name for himself and his tobacco shop became a real place of worship for European cigars. What’s more, the brand brought together the best qualities of cigars in the world from many trips to the Caribbean and South America. What is more, for an even more enjoyable experience, Zino Davidoff also sold a whole assortment of accessories there such as humidors, ashtrays, pipes … Then, the Davidoff house ended up expanding its sectors of activity. until developing watches, glasses, perfumes, ties or writing instruments.

Davidoff today

Davidoff still remains a renowned company in the market cigars and Swiss watches. Nevertheless, it also continues to distinguish itself in perfumery with, for example, the famous men’s fragrance Cool Water, which had the late Paul Waker as its muse. Davidoff is a prestigious brand with an impressive list of prestigious clients. Indeed, Orson Welles, King Farouk of Egypt and Vladimir Lenin are personalities who very often frequented the Davidoff store in Geneva. Similarly, among the famous smokers in Davidoff’s history, Winston Churchill even gave his name to a line of cigars released in 2014. In terms of perfume, it is a brand synonymous with elegance and dynamism. and sex appeal. In terms of marketing, it is now Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott Eastwood, who has become the face of the house’s men’s fragrances. He is the image of the Cool Water fragrance and says he is “proud to be the face of a fragrance synonymous with an aquatic lifestyle”. In addition, he explains that the ocean has always occupied a big place in his daily life and this is how he sees himself as the ideal muse for this renowned brand.

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