Dana & nbsp;: “& nbsp; Canoe & nbsp;”, “& nbsp; Tabu & nbsp;”, “& nbsp; Emir & nbsp;” rare fragrances, cult perfumes The founder of the Dana house is the Spanish perfumer Javier Serra. Although the house was created in 1921, it will make an undisputed place in perfumery thanks to the collaboration of the eminent Jean Carles, one of the most famous noses of Grasse. Jean Carles will notably create for Dana his cult perfume, which remains a great classic of today’s feminine flowering ferns, the famous “& nbsp; Canoé & nbsp;” released in 1935.

When Javier Serra meets the legendary Jean Carles

Former director of Myrugia, Javier Serra creates his own fine perfumery house under the name of “& nbsp; Dana & nbsp; ” in 1921 in Barcelona. Why Dana? Quite simply because it is quite simply the name of a nymph born in a field of flowers … And the house of Dana will not stop offering sensual and original perfumes in the image of this beautiful nymph arousing creativity and imaginary.

In 1932, Javier Serra left for Paris to surround himself with the greatest specialists in perfumery, including his lifelong friend Jean Carles, one of the most promising noses of the fine perfumery of Grasse. Together they will then give to the house of Dana, already at the initiative of the creation of several perfumes including “& nbsp; Tabu & nbsp;” in 1931, the original and sensual perfumes that the young Spanish perfume house coveted.

Thus in 1935 the pretty chypre oriental “Emir & nbsp;” was born. and the brilliant oriental floral fern “& nbsp; Canoé & nbsp;”.

The emblematic fragrances of Jean Carles are the successes of Dana

“& nbsp; Canoé & nbsp;” is certainly the perfume which made the success of the house of Dana. This beautiful fragrance, enclosed in a bottle bearing the image of a woman with pleasantly rounded curves, offers the image of a light and sporty fragrance decorated with precious maritime flags that hint at an airy and invigorating fragrance. “& Nbsp; Canoe & nbsp;” is a completely unisex feminine fragrance, its treasure lies in its extreme simplicity while being powerfully pushed from its oriental and aromatic facets towards sweet, subtle and sensual olfactory symphonies.

After the phenomenal success of ” & nbsp; Canoé & nbsp; ”, the duo formed by the Spanish and the French from Grasse will eventually resolve to separate new paths. Moreover, in 1946, Jean Carles created the famous first Roure Perfumery School in Grasse, which later became the very famous Gévaudan School. Of course he will also continue to create wonders in perfumery such as “Ma Griffe” by Carven or even “Miss Dior”.

As for the Dana house, although the perfumes following this break are less spectacular that “& nbsp; Tabu & nbsp;”, “& nbsp; Emir & nbsp;” or of course “& nbsp; Canoe & nbsp;”, they will have the merit of making the Dana perfume house grow by offering it pretty originalities like “& nbsp; Chantilly & nbsp;” in 1941, “& nbsp; Pullman & nbsp;” in 1952, “& nbsp; Ambush & nbsp;” in 1959, “& nbsp; Symbol & nbsp;” in 1965 and finally “& nbsp; Herbissimo & nbsp;” in 1972. Now sold to an American perfume company, Dana continues to offer new fragrances while releasing, intermittently of course, for “Canoe” lovers. of “& nbsp; Tabu & nbsp;” or “& nbsp; Emir & nbsp;” a few bottles of precious treasures …

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